Your Guide to Buying the Best Leather Bags

Shopping for leather bags can be confusing because of the many options available. Plus, there are cheap, fake leather bags on the market that can make your choices even broader. Thus, before you start shopping for leather bags, you should know first how to distinguish real leather from its fake or synthetic counterparts. Here is a guide to help you buy the right leather bags:

Understanding the Difference Between Real and Fake Leather

Quality leather is a natural product, so it has a level of quality and endurance that no manmade materials can match.

When you buy leather bags, find those made from full-grain leather. This form of leather has not had its surface coated to mask the natural markings on the hide. Often, items stamped “genuine leather” are leather splits obtained from the animal skins’ backside. This leather is stamped with an artificial grain pattern and coated with a painted surface to resemble full-grain leather. But, it is not as soft or durable as full-grain leather. 

Determining Leather Quality

Experts determine the quality of leather based on how clean the leather is in terms of the hide’s natural marks and the process of treating the animal skin to produce leather. 

Quality leather must have a soft, supple touch with a natural look and appeal. It doesn’t resemble vinyl or any synthetic material. Never buy bags made from rubbery leather because they don’t have the same aging benefits or strength. To make sure you buy only quality leather bags, get it from LOWELL MTL. The store also offers shoes, housewares, and a lot more products.

Checking the Bag’s Lining and Finishing

Bag linings must be made from durable material and must feel like they will do their job for a long time. You should avoid anything flimsy or cheap on the inside. When choosing bags, remember that you will be hard on it, so think long term. Often, high-quality bags have hand-polished edges.

Checking the Hardware and Zippers

When checking out which bags to buy, never compromise on the zipper. When your bag’s zipper fails, you won’t be able to use it. In general, a quality zipper is made of brass with platings in copper or nickel. Choose zippers with teeth that are not sharp. Also, the zip slider should also be made from brass.

Hardware like d-rings, rivets, and buckles must be made using solid brass. But, you can also choose those made from bronze, copper, nickel, plated zinc, and silver. Ensure the hardware’s finish is clean and does show cast lines. The size must look appropriate for the bag’s maximum capacity and weight.