WRITE A LETTER TO Santa Claus on Christmas

We all know that when the Christmas eve incoming, we all are ready to enjoy the eve night. And make it awesome by celebrating with our friends and family members. Many times we do something special for our loved ones.

But not all, kids mostly write their wishes in the letter. And when they write down all the things they ask their parents to send it to the North Pole, to Santa. But many times adults also do the same thing. They also write their wishes in the letter and make a hope that Santa will fulfill their wish.

Let us see what preparation has to do for writing a letter to Santa.

  1. Write your address

When you start your letter, write your full address firstly, in the top-right corner of the page. So Santa will find you easily and send you a letter back. And you get the gift and letter from Santa on your address. In the second line, write the date, when you wrote the letter.

  1. Start your letter with ‘Dear Santa’

Whenever you write a letter start it with “Dear Santa” and this gives a salutation to letter and looks nice about you.

  1. Tell about yourself

Tell Santa something about yourself, like from you are what you do, in which class you are or other things that you want to share with him in your letter.

  1. Ask about Santa how he does things

It shows your manners when you write whole things about you but also ask something about them. You can ask like ‘how MRS. Claus doing’ and ‘how the weather in the North Pole’.

  1. Tell him about good things

In your letter, share the good things that happen with you in the whole year. Like you write how you help your younger sibling or how you clean your shoes yourself.

  1. Ask Santa about your list nicely

Start to write the things in a list before some days of Christmas. But on the list write only the things that you want and love. At the end of the letter you can write about your list with “Santa, I would please want a toy car, a football”.

  1. Include someone else if you want

When you write all your wishes in the Santa letter, then you can also add your loved ones in the letter. Santa takes care of them and fulfills their wish that they want. It seems too nice.

  1. Finish up with thank you Santa

For a single one, it is too difficult to deliver the millions of gifts to millions of the kids just in a night. For this, you will thank Santa. And you can write something like that, “I am happy by getting my favorite gift. Thank you Santa” or “It’s amazing how you deliver the gifts to all kids like me. Thank you so much for this Santa”.

  1. Sign the letter

When you are done to your letter at the end of the letter use some closing statements like ‘best wishes’, ‘sincerely’, and others, and sign the letter after your name.

All these things make your letter full of feelings, manners and also show that you think about others. And help you to cometo the good list of the Santa.