Work From Home Diaries: Dressing Up Your Bedroom
People did not expect the rising popularity of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are used to visiting the office every day, free-flowing coffee in the pantry, and physical interaction with colleagues. Things have changed, and the priority now is to purchase furniture in Singapore for your home workstation. Here is a list of products:


Obviously, you need a spacious table to put your laptop computer, external monitor, and other products for your productivity. Make sure it has the correct height and space for your bedroom. Another is the capacity because people have a different number of belongings. (Tip: consider a console table in Singapore if you want to save space or a longer appearance.)


You might be confused about this. Who in the right mind would put a mini fridge in Singapore inside their small bedroom? Well, no one is stopping you from doing that, and it will save you the stress of going up and down to your kitchen only to get a few pieces of snacks. Put it under your desk or a vacant corner in your room.


Double-function furniture pieces are a thing now. You will encounter sofa beds for studio units that seek to save space while adding additional space for people or even dining tables that convert into something else. Consider a storage bed frame to utilise the extra floor area you have.


No. A lounge chair from a furniture store in Singapore would not make you unproductive because all you want to do now is rest during the day. In fact, you deserve to break the monotony by taking a break from your table once in a while. You can pick something that fits in one corner or a more luxurious one. Harvey Norman Singapore is a furniture shop that carries practical pieces. Visit their website for more information.