Where To Find Engraved Watches Online

Watches don’t tell the time anymore. They also come with a lovely message for the one you’re giving it to, too! Check out the top six places where you can have engraved watches. Some of these even have free engraving services. Best part is, you can do the selection at the safety of your own home. Shipping fees apply whenever indicated.

  1. Fossil’s free engraving

Your old favorite Fossil has an enormous collection of versatile watches from leather to metal straps that you can customize with an engraving. Prices typically run from $70 to $150 but the engraving is free. They also do international shipping so this is quite an interesting place to shop watches on. Just check on which countries they offer shipping to.

  1. Timex since 1854

Not to be outdone, Timex also has an online shop that features watch engraving for free, and goodness, fully customizable features! You can choose from a variety of straps, dial, case, even the background light for night mode. 

You can also opt to choose a ready made watch, just have it engraved. They are currently on holiday and newbie sale. The products are delivered within two weeks. Ships all USA areas but with limited international shipping.

3. Etsy

Of course, private retailers and craftspersons also offer watch engraving. Choose which vendor and you’re good to go. The advantage here is you can rest assure of the quality of the engraving but the customization of the watch is limited and maybe pricey. At least there’s free shipping in the USA or Canada and you can select which fonts to use and what message to put on. 

  1. Amazon

Your favorite online one stop shop has this special feature. Although like Etsy, they do have limited model options for watches and the message may be standard templates to choose from. Still, it’s worth the look if you’re on a budget. 


Gift giving is incredibly simple. You only have to choose at the most, two models of watches online (so you won’t get cross-eyed looking at watch model selection for hours on end). 

One of the affordable yet awesome finds at

With the site, you can also opt to buy other customisable gifts so you can save on shipping costs. You have international shipping and their gifts are all with a guarantee. Best part is, their services and products would definitely fit your budget. All watch products are below $60.


Like, this online store also features personalized gifting. They mostly do Fossil watches for gifting and engraving with free shipping within the USA. The site also has holiday discounts. Prices start at $90 to $150.

There’s no better way to wrap a gift with your flair than an engraving of your own personal message. An engraved watch may be cherished forever with your genuine heartfelt message in  it. Just imagine having the person look at the time and be reminded of how you valued him or her.