What Makes the Peeling Gel Perfect For You

While it is true that a mask can be applied at any time of the day, we still advise you to choose a time when you have a little time (such as Sunday) to enjoy a relaxing moment and cocooning. Whatever the moment, the important thing is to apply your mask to clean, makeup-free skin.

The right routine:

  • Once a week, if possible after a scrub that will have rid the skin of dead cells.
  • Start by removing your make up using micellar water. Apply the mask in a thick layer, avoiding the eye area and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Massage the excess before rinsing your mask with clear water or a peeling gel. Clean skin allows the active ingredients of the mask to penetrate the skin better and provide it with everything it needs.
  • Mist Vichy Thermal Water on your face and dab the excess with a tissue.
  • Finally, apply your day or night cream, depending on the time of day chosen for this cocooning break.

The best time to apply a peel lotion? The evening

This is the new Vichy gesture for dull skin or lacking radiance. The peeling lotion is ideal for removing dead cells that dull the skin while stimulating cell regeneration. The key: energized skin. The peeling lotion is specially designed to be applied in the evening. It works at night and reveals a radiant face when you wake up. The important thing is to apply it immediately after removing makeup.

The right routine:

  • Integrate the peeling lotion into your skincare routine every evening (or every other evening if you feel the need) as a one-month treatment.
  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your skin with a makeup remover or face cleanser.
  • Then, apply the peeling lotion using a cotton ball all over your face, avoiding the eye area. No need to rinse.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to end your skincare routine with a night cream if your skin needs a little more comfort.  

Home peeling, grandmother’s recipe or professional aesthetic treatment, each has its own peel. With one thing in common, the process! To practice a good peel, follow it through the essential steps, before, during or even after.

Prepare the skin for the peel

With a dermatologist or at home, preparing your skin for the peel allows it to act more deeply, quickly and for a longer time. If this preparation is not compulsory for a superficial peel, it is essential for a medium or deep peel! Choose a low-dose fruit acid cream or use the one prescribed by your cosmetic doctor. Apply it night after night during the two weeks preceding the procedure. The day of the peel, remove makeup carefully, tie your hair back and do not apply any cream to the area to be treated. If you are at home, take the opportunity to open the pores of the skin by standing over a bowl of hot water, or by applying a warm, damp towel to the area to be treated.