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What are the Top Zero-waste Skincare Products to Use?

Only a few commercial skincare products are good for your face or skin. A large number of parabens or allergens present in the compounds can be detrimental to your skin’s health in the long term. Hence, it is wise to switch to the organic and zero-waste skincare regime, which is helpful for your skin as well as your planet. Such products don’t just reduce your carbon emissions but they are also naturally biodegradable. As a result, they won’t contribute to global pollution. 

Here are some zero-waste skincare products that you can incorporate in your skincare routine. 

Ecological primers

These are meant to perform much better than the normal foundations, hence, they can easily be used as a replacement. This single product can be used as a replacement for multiple products. It can serve the purpose of a foundation and can also be used as a night cream to calm and hydrate your skin. This is manufactured using the vegan formula and helps your skin to rejuvenate from the core. It is locally manufactured, packaged in bamboo and comes with a recyclable plastic dropper.

Eye makeup remover balm

This balm is said to be the perfect addition to your skincare kit. It acts as a great night routine balm and can easily remove your eyeliner or mascara before going to bed. One does not need to use water when using this balm. This product is created using natural ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut and almond oil, and it can perfectly heal and soothe the eye areas. It is available with reusable cotton pads that are sustainable in nature. The product is suitable for every skin type and comes in a bamboo packaging to reduce waste production.

Konjac facial sponge

This sponge is going to make your beauty regime a lot easier. This comes with rose water infused, which cleans your face in just one step and that too without any soap or water. This is a biodegradable sponge, which is made using the roots of the konjac plant. The soft and smooth texture of the sponge makes it ideal for exfoliation and perfect to be used by any skin type. Also, it does not require any cleansing agent and greatly helps in waste reduction too.

It’s time to switch to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with Zero Waste skin care products that are sure to impart you a younger looking skin.