What Are the Different Types of Horse Riding Helmets?

When choosing a horse riding helmet, consider the safety standards. Most are tested to meet British Standard Institute (BSI) kitemark or ASTM SEI logo. It is based on a simulation of a kick from a horse. This test aims to ensure the best protection possible for a rider.

  • Traditional riding helmet

Traditional riding helmets were developed after the hunting caps worn by English hunters. They have a rounded visor and a full brim. They are commonly used for dressage competitions, and dressage riders are required to wear a helmet. Western-themed riding gear is also available and may have a decorative ventilation strip down the centre. Eventing riders often choose a brimless “skull cap” style with silk or nylon covering.

  • Certified helmets

When shopping for a horse riding helmet, be sure to choose one with an ASTM/SEI certification. This means that the helmet has passed rigorous standards to protect a human skull. An ASTM/SEI-certified helmet is made of multiple layers of air bubbles that absorb the force of an impact. Non-certified equestrian riding equipment does not have adequate padding. When purchasing a helmet, take your head measurement. It should start at the level of your eyebrows. Round it up to the nearest half-inch.

Horse riding helmets are often certified. This means that they have been independently tested to meet ASTM standards. A certified helmet will have a label from the Safety Equipment Institute and should not feel hard on the head. Besides certification, many equestrian riding helmets have adequate padding to prevent injuries.

  • Equestrian helmets

In addition to fitting comfortably, safety is of the utmost importance. Your helmet should not be uncomfortable or slide off your head when you shake your head. The fit of the helmet should be comfortable. If you find it uncomfortable, it might not fit you correctly. You may need to try on several different ones before you find the perfect one. While you can try on a few equestrian helmets, choose the one that feels right for you and your needs.

  • Pony helmet with visor

A horse riding helmet is made of high-density ABS and has a visor to protect the rider’s face. A skull cap is designed to protect the rider’s head from blunt objects. If a crash happens, you should wear a skull cap. You can also buy a pony helmet with a visor. There are many more options. A hat with a visor can be quite awkward if your hair is too long.

Features of a good helmet

While horse riding helmets are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. A good model should fit snugly and be comfortable like kesk helmets. It should also be comfortable to wear. It should not be difficult to find. A few important features you should look for in a horse riding helmet include a breathable liner, a protective liner and a chin strap.

Horse riding helmets should be comfortable. A good horse riding helmet is lightweight and can be adjusted to fit any head size. Its interior should never be hard against the rider’s head.