What are the Birthday Flowers for Each Month?

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It is believed that each month in year has its own flower to symbolize people’s birth. Moreover, there is a language of flower study known as floriography. It was very popular back then, in the 18th-19th century. Based on the study, birth flowers may determine people’s character.

Whether the righteousness between the birthday flower is a fact or myth, many people have a curiosity to explore the roots of their own personality. Besides, the tradition to give flowers on someone’s birthday has existed since the Romans era. So, what is your birthday flower? You should check them out before ordering at the florist Singapore.

The Birthday Flower Types Based on English Style

Nowadays, flowers become a perfect substitution for words, representing the giver’s message to someone with beauty and fragrance. That’s why the number of florist Singapore increases significantly day by day, like Flower Advisor. Ahead is a guide laying out the birthday flowers for each month to ease your choice.

  1. January – carnation. Carnation is a native Mediterranean flower that signifies love, gratitude, fascination, admiration, distinction, and beauty.
  2. February – iris. The iris flower is original means rainbow in a Greek word. It represents wisdom, valour, hope, and friendship.
  3. March – daffodil. Daffodil has a bright and cheerful appearance that deputizes as a symbol of luck and happiness.
  4. April – daisy. Daisy frequently associates with joy, innocence, and childlike happiness. This cheerful blossom also signifies purify that commonly be used to show friendship and loyalty.
  5. May – lilies. Lilies have a strong impression that conjures up the combination of beauty and serenity. In ancient Greece, lily has an association with the goddess Hera and represents purity and innocence.
  6. June – roses. This eternal flower of love and romance, the rose has been used as a symbol of everlasting love, dedication, and devotion. It is being the most loved in every florist Singapore.
  7. July – larkspur. Larkspur has gentle hues that convey a feeling of lightness and levity. It can be referred to as both the Delphinium and Consolida genus.
  8. August – gladiolus. Gladiolus is well-known as a sword lily. It associates with strength, remembrance, moral integrity, and infatuation.
  9. September – asters. Asters symbolize profound emotional affection and love, include patience, daintiness, and remembrance.
  10. October – marigold. This autumnal bloom has a unique colour that indicates as a representative of elegance, affection, grace, and devotion.
  11. November – chrysanthemums. This flower is a symbol of friendship, joy, and compassion. It comes from Greek that means as a golden flower.
  12. December – holly. This classic festive favourite indicates good fortune, success, and happiness.

The Birthday Flower Types Based on American Style

Basically, there is no big difference between birthday flower types in English and American style. You also may find your need easily among florist. Still, there are different birthday flowers for those months below.

  1. February – primrose. The primrose gently indicates modesty, virtue, and distinction.
  2. April – sweet pea. It is often associated with the goddess Aphrodite that symbolizes youth, love, and purity.
  3. May – hawthorn. Hawthorn or so-called lily of the valley represents sweetness, happiness, and humility.
  4. December – narcissus. It shows vanity, sweetness, and self-esteem.

The Birthday Flower Types Based on Australian Style

Besides English and American style, there is an underrated Australian style that completely different from those two. It would little difficult to see in florist SingaporeBut, don’t ever lose your hope to find your birthday flower.

  1. January – clematis aristata. It has a meaning as pure love, everlasting love.
  2. February – royal bluebell. It represents a joy everlasting love and gratitude to have someone.
  3. March – bottlebrush. Like the other flowers, it conveys your beauty and everlasting love.
  4. April – actinotus. The other name of actinotus is the flannel flower that represents abundance and strength.
  5. May – eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has a strong indication of purity, wealth, and abundance.
  6. June – heath. It means good luck and beauty.
  7. July – grevillea. It indicates the strength, true love, and integrity.
  8. August – banksia, means discovery and a new beginning.
  9. September is usually symbolized by chamelaucium. It shows happiness, patience, and success.
  10. October – protea. It reminds of hope and strength.
  11. November – wattle. It represents unity and joy.
  12. December – waratah. It means courage and love

Rather than worrying so much about which birthday flowers suited to your month, try to look for your favourite one. It will be more meaningful when you pick as you want, not as you are told to. And, grab your own flower in the best florist Singapore, Flower Advisor. Checkout dried flower bouquets put together by Windflower Florist’s in-house designers.