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Do you know what tanzanite stone is? Where it comes from? Is there any comparison between diamond and tanzanite? There are lots of questions regarding this so in this article we will be discussing them. The term tanzanite is a type of trichroic stone in which you can see different colors reflects. Many people want to buy this beautiful stone because of the color which is reddish-brown generally. The heat treatment also matters a lot because the beauty of the stone changes from blue to violet color. The price of the stone is increasing day by day. People feel that this stone is far better and expensive than a diamond. So let’s know more bouts this tanzanite stone in detail. 

History of stone

The stone tanzanite was found in the year 1967. The fact which you have to know is that tanzanite stone can change their colors under a different light. The colors that were changed by this stone are red-violet, yellow-green but it depends on light. All the color to find them naturally is quite tough so they go through heat treatment. For about half an hour stones get heated at 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. It is important to heat them in proper Celsius. The world-facing problem due to this pandemic of covid19 the prices of this stone also get effected and fall up to 20-30%. 

Different types of stones

There are many Stones available in the market rather than tanzanite stone. Some of them are as follows:

  • Thulite stone color is pink generally and also these pieces are rare to found. People called this a national gemstone and also another name is Unionite or Rosaline. 
  • Another one is the Anyolite stone and people also called this as Ruby-in-Zoisite. Generally, it is containing black Hornblende. 

The above-mentioned article is all about the stone which is called tanzanite. This stone cost is high but due to this pandemic situation, the rate falls a lot. If you compare diamond and tanzanite stone then you see that this stone is far better and also the rate is huge. The design and the color of the stone are rare that’s why people want to buy this material. Also, you have to order this stone because this type of stone is not easy to found anywhere at any time. So grab this opportunity and know more about this stone so that in the future you can also buy it.