Tips That Help To Choose the Best Tailors In Malaysia

Tailored clothes are famous these days because of their ability to make you look exquisite. These clothes perfectly fit your body and help to increase your personality. You can customize any design, and style into the clothes. Tailoring helps with the alteration of your readymade clothes and also they don’t hesitate to repair your clothes. For the best repair of your clothes, you can simply type in:tailor repairs Kuala Lumpur, if you’re in the capital. There are plenty of tailor in the market but choosing the best out of them is a big task. In this article, we will provide some tips that help to choose the best tailor.

Ask With Friends and Relatives

This is probably the best way to find the best tailor. You can simply ask your friends and relatives about a good tailor in the market. You may have a friend who looks well dressed. You can simply ask where he/she tailors the clothes. After getting the tailor’s address you can simply visit the shop. You can also surf the internet about the best tailor around you and can see their review.

Know About Their Past Work

Action speaks louder than words. You must check their actual work to know about the quality they give to the product. You can see their catalog, finished product. You can ask them about the customization you want in your dress and whether they can do such or not? Ask about their adaptability to new styles and designs. After getting satisfied with them you can proceed further about the work deal.

Ask About the Time

It does not make good sense if you find a perfect tailor but they cannot deliver the product at the right time. Many tailors are busy with their work. So, you need to ask about how long it would take to finish your product. If time frames match with your time then you can opt for their service.


The most important thing to ask the tailor is about the price they charge for the clothes. If you don’t have enough budget then you may look for a cheaper tailor. Proper justification of price tag with the quality of the product must always be there. You must be clear about all the money they charge for your product. If your budget matches with the tailor then the deal must be finalized. In case you need the product sooner than the expected time then you can ask about the extra money they charge.

The above-mentioned points are basic tips about choosing the best tailor and you must not overlook these things. One company that is always up to the mark with the quality they provide is Lai Chai Fashion. They have huge experience in tailoring modern as well as traditional dresses. Also not to forget they provide alterations & repairs service.