The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Durable Bath Towels

The bath towel stores are usually thronged by confusing and clueless customers who aren’t sure what they want. Encountering and witnessing unending piles of numerous towels, tagged with a vast array of prices and features, the customers find picking the best one intimidating. However, your prime goal must be to purchase a super-absorbent and a soft bath towel.

Here is some expert’s suggestion to buy the best bath towel (ผ้าเช็ดตัว, which is the term in Thai) that lasts longer.

Check for the Absorbency of the Towel

The towels that are generally heavier and thicker have better absorbing properties than lighter and thinner towels. But the thick and heavy towels might take some time to dry. The towels made of Pima, Supima, and Egyptian cotton are usually the best absorbing bath towels. They have rayon absorb and are a little warmer than cotton.

Check for the Softness of the Towel

The towels that you check out in the stores feel softer. However, they turn quite different after a few washes. Most of the manufacturing companies coat the bath towels with a fabric softener finish to make them feel soft in your hands at the store. However, it generally wears off after repeated washes according to the experts at the Consumer’s Reports.

The rayon towels which are bamboo-derived are quite soft. The Egyptian and Pima cotton towels are soft as well.  Courtesy to their fuzzy-less, silky and smooth yarn. You might work liquid softeners on them, but it diminishes the absorbency of the towel and accelerates the flammability. You can rather put the dryer sheets to use. Most of the towels shrink, so ensure to use the perfect heat setting. Moisture-sensor heaters work the best.

Check with the Towel’s Durability

The two-ply towels are known to be more durable than the one-ply towels. Cotton towels are stronger than the rayon towels. You might also consider the polyester or cotton towels if you are looking for durability. No wonder why the gyms and hotels use either polyester or cotton towels. However, they might prove to be a little less absorbent than pure cotton towels.

Keep an Eye Out for Towel Takeaways

For super-absorbent, soft and durable towels, you must look for two-ply towels made either with Egyptian or Pima cotton. You can also look for cotton towels blended with rayon, but they might not be durable. The premium cotton towels are pricey compared to their alternatives, so keep an eye out for a sale or collect coupons.

Always look out for towels that promise to act safely with benzoyl peroxide. Irrespective of what bath towel you invest in, be sure to purchase an extra washcloth and preserve it along with its receipt and keep it unwashed. If your new towel fades and you ever feel the necessity to replace or return them, then the washcloth might serve as the proof.

Check all these considerations and bear in mind the tips, before you set out to buy your bath towel. The right bath towel with the perfect properties goes a long way and doesn’t require to be replaced for a long time.