The Top things to know about Timberland Boots

Have you ever thought to go from workwear mainstay to iconic pop culture? Timberland shoes are undoubtedly among the amazing footwear icons. However, whenever it is about timberland boots for men, there are some amazing facts that people might not know about. So, here in this article, we will learn some of the most amazing things about timberland UAE and timberland shoes.

So, here we go:

Timberland shoes were designed for blue-collar workers originally

Timberland boots burst onto the scene in 1973. Since their inspection, almost everyone has embraced these boots, from Hollywood stars to hip-hop icons.

Originally, Timberland shoes were designed to provide workers with blue collars reliable protection against various elements. However, over time, these Timberland boots for men became a style that the audience now adored all around the globe.

While the Timberland UAE has been adapted, expanded, and supplemented the original timberland boots for men with an eclectic style range, it is still synonymous with the original yellow boots in most people’s minds.

What are timberland boots for men are made from?

Most commonly, timberland boots for men are made of nubuck leather. However, to let these boots make doing their job correctly, various materials are also used in their manufacturing. For example, commonly, the uppers of these shoes are made of stylish suede, hard-wearing full-grain or nubuck leather.

However, the inners of these shoes are made of glove leather to give them a comfortable, smoother, and softer feel. While, to achieve maximum grip, durability, and waterproofing, the soles of timberland shoes are made of injection-molded rubber.

How to clean your timberland boots properly?

Timberland UAE, the iconic brand, takes pride in itself in its boots’ quality and hardwearing nature. These are the major reasons why this brand remained the topmost choice of people over the years.

However, if you want to make your timberland shoes last longer, you must know how to clean and care for them properly.

So, here are some care tips you must consider in this regard:

  1. Let any dirt or mud gathered on the surface of your boots, let it dry before attempting to clean that. For this, leave your boots overnight and then clean them off with a brush.
  2. When you are using any cleaning agent, make sure to use the suitable one for your timberland boots material. A neutral soap and a warm cloth can also be sufficient to clean your timberland boots as long as you are cleaning them gently.
  3. Make sure to leave your timberland boots for 24 hours to air dry after cleaning. Don’t forget to place them away from any heat source while air drying your timberland boots.

Final Remarks:

These few simple steps can easily help you in cleaning your timberland boots properly. Cleaning them regularly while considering these tips is essential to let them retain their distinctive character and appearance. You need to make sure you care for your feet and having professional shoes will work for you if you clean your shoes properly.