The Sacrilege of Covering Up a Graphic T-Shirt

There are people whose entire careers involve sitting around and designing graphic tees. That is what they do. Their designs go on short-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, and even hoodies. It is artwork to them. Furthermore, it’s artwork they believe the rest of the world needs to see. It’s sacrilege when someone covers their work.

Imagine being Leonardo da Vinci and having some of your best work – like the Mona Lisa, for example – hanging in a museum covered by a sheet. No one would have the opportunity to enjoy what is to you a genuine labor of love. No museum curator in their right mind would do that to the Mona Lisa, either. And yet, covering up graphic T-shirts is common practice.

  • You Are Obscuring the Message

As a wearer of graphic T-shirts, you must choose the pieces you buy because you like the messages they convey. Maybe you buy Plurawl LatinX T-shirts and hoodies because you appreciate what they say about the LatinX community and Latin culture. Or perhaps you are a sports junkie with a complete collection of T-shirts from your favorite teams.

Join the crowd. Millions of people make similar fashion choices. But then why cover up your graphic T-shirts? When you wear something over the top, you are obscuring the message. How is anyone going to know that you think Alex Rodriguez is possibly the best Yankee ever if you’re always wearing your A-Rod T-shirt under another piece of clothing?

  • Cold Has Nothing to Do with It

By now, you might be protesting up a storm. After all, you have to wear two shirts or you’ll freeze to death. But wait just a minute. Being cold has nothing to do with it. You can wear the second shirt underneath. There is no need for you to cover up that funny message meant to passively aggressively remind the rest of the world of its failings.

If you are cold, you have two choices. The first is to do what Sheldon Cooper would do: wear whatever you have to underneath to make sure you stay warm. Cooper was never afraid to wear everything from a collared shirt to a long-sleeved T-shirt under his graphic tee.

Your other choice is to suck it up, buttercup. Accept the premise of being cold in order to make sure your message is seen by everyone. Being cold is a small price to pay for making the world a better, smarter, and more socially cognizant place.

Of course, both options come with the risks. The Sheldon Cooper option carries with it the risk of being ostracized by your more fashion-conscious friends. They may get a laugh or two at your expense. The second option carries the risk of you catching a cold. But hey, what are a few sniffles here and there?

  • A Great Way to Speak Your Mind

All kidding aside, graphic T-shirts and hoodies represent a fantastic way to speak your mind without actually saying anything with your mouth. Since their inception in the 1960s, graphic T-shirts have been a symbol of the counterculture. They had been a way to say things that are otherwise socially unacceptable.

Printed graphics and messages have turned an otherwise plain piece of clothing into a wearable billboard. Some of the messages they display are funny enough to make you laugh. Others make you proud to be a fan of the same team or incredulous that your team’s archrival has any fans at all. Still others express your political and social views. It is all good. It’s so good, that covering up the message seems counterproductive.