The Psychology Behind Marketing Cosmetics and Beauty Products in Malaysia

Marketing cosmetics and beauty products go behind physical attractiveness. It influences the consumer’s behavior while establishing a more profound perspective on themselves. The competence of beauty businesses is prevalent, especially to impressions that the brands exhibit.

Furthermore, we have recognized that the beauty industry has been operating for decades due to the continuous demand, but some psychological strategies and aftereffects manifest in the long run.

Beauty Advertisements Create Unrealistic Standards

Society is faced with numerous ads and campaigns depicting beauty standards. Intentionally or not, these advertisements generate sexism and visual assault. According to a research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha entitled “When Beauty is the Beast: The Effects of Beauty Propaganda on Female Consumers” by Savannah Greenfield, the images and graphics presented by the beauty brands impact the self-esteem of viewers, causing them to purchase products and comply with the standard that has been set.

Furthermore, consumers often compare themselves to the depicted portrayal of models, inducing the thought of social comparison and feeling of lacking. To counter these phenomena, progressive community campaign movements, such as #MeToo and #TimesUp to break free from these modern ideals and to promote one’s well-being.

Cosmetics are a Constant Reminder of the Standard

The same industry promotes that the standard of beauty is expansive and diversified, campaigning that what is considered “beautiful” comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. However, different brands usually market the same types of products with the same uses. Cosmetics and beauty products focus on increasing an individual’s attractiveness through formulated chemicals, rather than enhancing what’s inside.

According to a study entitled “The Beauty Industry ‘s Influence on Women in Society” by Ann at the Marie Britton University of New Hampshire, makeup and cosmetics mainly mascara, eyeliner, and powder are important to the respondents to most situations they face. Hence, female college consumers are a large customer segment in the cosmetic industry, reaching 7 billion dollars worth of purchase.

Consumer Behavior and Perspectives in Purchasing

Although the beauty industry heavily impacts society in their perspectives of beauty, consumers no longer instill mere passiveness to media representation. Indeed, there is influence, but individuals could break free from stigmatization through analysis and free will.

Moreover, aside from the advertisements and campaigns, other factors drive individuals to purchase from a specific brand. This includes emotional effects and effective marketing strategies. Beauty brands and businesses strive to step up in the competition without inflicting ideals and unrealistic features.

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