The Perfect Styles with the Ladies Pumpkin Shirt

The shirt is a bit of the basic that every woman should have in their closet. A white shirt for going out, going to work or for a trip to town is good. A shirt or blouse that fits us perfectly is better! No need to go for tailor-made, The Ladies Pumpkin Shirt has exactly what you need to help you choose the shirt that best suits your body type.

The angles are reduced with a shirt decorated with discreet ruffles which increase the size of the chest while subtly. The androgynous morphologies (that is to say in H, with a not very marked size) are slender and one must show it. Choose a shirt that is close to the body, fitted, that highlights it while sculpting the silhouette.

Broad shoulders and strong busts? No problem

We lengthen its silhouette by rebalancing the volumes with a blouse or a fluid shirt that falls gracefully on the thighs and rounded the angles. If you are afraid of the bag effect because you have a large chest, opt for a buttonless blouse and a neckline rather than a crew neck closure.

The petite morphology results in a petite waist, shoulders and hips. Good news

You can put on just about any shirt , it will fit perfectly on you. This is the advantage of being slim and evolving in a company that almost only makes clothes for your body type. On the other hand, if you really want to highlight your petite body shape, we have a slight preference for the fitted shirt which highlights your waist with a high waist bottom or even the wrap blouse.

This time, we are looking at a fluid material that does not oppress the body and the forms. Opt for a short version of the shirt that hides the thickness of the waist and a bottom that sculpts the stomach. A V-neckline will highlight your chest (provided it is not too plunging of course). Avoid oversized shirts that are too long, which, rather than hiding the shapes as we often hope, give it a shapeless appearance. You deserve better!

No need to hide your hips because you feel like they’re too wide. This morphology is very feminine and not so difficult to highlight. Besides, you’re in luck because this hourglass figure is very fashionable these days. Highlight it with a shirt open at the collar and tucked into the high waisted pants to mark your figure 8 , bring out the buttocks and hips exactly right.

Poplin weaving: With a simple crossing, Poplin weaving is the most classic but also the oldest. Indeed, this weaving is obtained by weaving a thread vertically then horizontally.

How to choose the right shirt collar?

There are a large number of different collars for shirts.

They can be more or less long, short, wide, buttoned, etc.

Sometimes difficult to navigate among all these choices.

We have given you the guidelines and advice to choose the collars that best match your body type, because the shirt collar will have a very strong impact on the overall appearance of your outfit.