Symbol of pride- The university hoodies


A hoody is a sweatshirt with a hood. Hoodies often include a muff sewn onto the lower front, and usually a draw string to adjust the opening of the hood. Hbcu sweatshirts are worn by the students of the HBCUs to show their liking towards the college and even the common public as a symbol to support the black community 

Perceived as sentimental education memories and a keepsake, the demand for university merchandise like hbcu sweatshirts, hbcu shirts, caps with logos, crop tops across the women even handbags the international student community show undoubtedly huge attraction to the goodies. As a representation of where you graduated, the university hoodies symbolizes as a souvenir for your study abroad experience and are often viewed as a token of belonging to the community. On- campus, these garments offer a cozy option for a lecture, library attire, and also protecting your precious things through miserable rainy days. There are some popular quotes like “Do you love your uni hoodie as much as this guy”.

When lounging around the airport as you set out for your travel adventure, is it cool to represent your university, even long after graduation as a sense of pride? 

In April of 2018, when Beyoncé took the stage for her inaugural performance of Coachella, she exposed a global audience to the beauty and excitement of the fashion of the Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) with a legendary show inspired by HBCU marching bands. The audience bared witness to the intense, over- the -top, profound sounds of percussion instruments and horns, and performances by skillful majorette dancers. As central as marching troupes are to the storied legacy of HBCUs, Beyonce made sure to highlight the iconic styles and outfits that also defined these campus hbcu sweatshirts and influenced global fashion trends

Gazing at her exclusive Coachella twenty eighteen merchandise, Beyoncé certainly thinks the same. As Teen Vogue a ebony article blog explains, her tees, tank tops, and hbcu sweatshirts were inspired by “Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).


By transforming classic university uniform-style pieces into fashion statements, higher education institutions gain the upper hand turning the university logo printed shirts and the sweatshirts into a piece of likable fashion. If you choose to wear your hbcu sweatshirts on your summer or winter travel breaks, you’re providing the university with free marketing, showing the logo of universities with other aspiring students that you enjoyed your study experience with the HBCUs. Alternatively, it’s also a means of expressing your degree-level education out in public, or that you’re worldly- wise after bouncing at the chance to study abroad.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone who wears a university hoodie actually attended the college printed on their clothing even the general public and celebrities wore hbcu sweatshirts but it still turns up to be free marketing for the institution, nonetheless! With so much interest looming over the latest university merch’s, there’s also a strong sense of competition growing between the educational bodies themselves. For instance, who will create the coolest designed hoodie of the year? Or who’s selling rich cotton or eco- 

 friendly clothing at an affordable price?

Just remember, next time you’re choosing your next best study institution or feel inspired by someone’s university attire while on your travels, it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts even if their hoodies designs are fantastic and cool it is the way how they behave tell the story.