Sport a Royal Look On Your Wedding With the Best bandhani saree

Indian handicraft is always awe- inspiring matter to the entire world. People from different corners of the world look for authentic Indian handicraft items, especially when it comes to fashion garments. Bandhani has been the most spectacular revolution in the world of Indian fashion artwork. 

The precious form of art is not only adorning the beautiful women but has also slowly steeped inside the wardrobe of men who are indulging in the latest ethnic wear trends. The vibrant colours of the bandhani sareealong with the unique patterns, make them a must for the women’s wardrobe. 

But as you start checking out the price of the sarees on the online portals, you will notice that there are a variety of items that are very costly. If you are doubtful whether spending money to buy the saree will be worth it or not, you should continue reading to know a few facts that will help you to perceive the true value of wedding fashion wears.

A superior form of art

Do you know that the gorgeous pieces that you see on the website of Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas are the result of the hard labour of skilled weavers? These craftsmen will surely have the long nails on their little fingers, which helps them to easily pick up the small portions of the cloth for tying. 

It needs months of patience to create each saree as it’s not a simple job to cover the entire length of six yards. Some artisans use metal rings with edgy points for the quick lifting of the cloth sections. This is actually the technique of the Rajasthani artisans as the Gujaratis use different techniques. 

A royal wedding look

And if you are planning a royal and aristocratic wedding, then the patola saree will be a perfect choice. It is basically a double ikkat woven saree. The base material is silk, which is the reason for the unparalleled shine and glamour. 

  • These sarees are very expensive, but the extremely elegant look with the essence of gorgeousness will always enhance your look to the next level. 
  • These are the personification of family values and royal blood. 

So it is worth buying if you have the money to spend and it is going to be a high-profile wedding. 

Zari artwork

If you are completely flattered by the gorgeousness of the zari work on the banarasi sareethen the pieces of artwork from Varanasi can be the ideal wear for your wedding. These are the finest among the wedding saree options as they have silver and gold zari or brocade work on them.

The fine silk material lessens the weight of the saree. But if you are buying a saree with very heavy goldwork, you have to prepare for carrying the weight. 

The perfect platform

A platform like Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas is ideal for buying any Indian wedding sareeThe reason is simple. They are particular about the basic factors like

  • Material quality
  • Genuine artwork
  • Reasonable pricing

So the next time you are buying the saree for someone close or for yourself, you should definitely purchase from the right platform to procure a valuable asset.