Shirts are an Important Piece of Men’s Wardrobe

Your Clothes Reflect Your Style

The ensemble of a man speaks volumes about his appearance. The reaction that your shirt gets from your colleagues, friends or family is a result of the choices you make when buying the garment. Hence, it is important to choose a shirt that complements your body type and the occasion you plan to wear it on.  The perfect shirt elevates your style quotient at special events.

Choose the Right Fit and Fabric.

There are so many shirt styles in the market that it is a task to choose appropriate ones for everyday wear, casual events, formal events, parties or clubbing. Some men don’t realize the importance of the right fit but your shirt can make you look fuller, slimmer, and taller depending on the chosen style.

Fit should be your most important consideration while buying a shirt. The right fit and fabric enhance your appearance. Shirts that are tight will cause discomfort and the ones that are loose can make you look naïve.

Even the most expensive of garments will not look good if they do not fit well. When buying your shirt online you can get your measurements taken from a professional and then select from the size chart of the online store.

Shirts are available in various fabrics like cotton, linen, twill and more. Each fabric has its own properties. You can choose the one which you find most comfortable and flattering to your body type. You must also consider the sleeve length while buying a shirt, as when unbuttoned, the cuff must reach just past your wrist.

There are various collar styles also to choose from all of which are appropriate for various occasions and ensembles. The button down is the most common choice as it is versatile. If you plan to wear a tie with your shirt you will have to choose the collar accordingly; a pin and tab collar will be appropriate.

Consider the Occasion Before Buying.

Various styles of shirts are available in a plethora of colors and patterns. Most people who want formal shirts go with solid or pinstripes shirts. Selecting a shirt should be according to the occasion where you plan to wear it. For occasions such as weddings, you can wear a classic shirt. For more informal occasions go in for prints and bold colors.

Casual shirts must give you a relaxed and comfortable feel. Casual shirts can also be worn without tucking with a pair of denims. You can choose to go in for printed shirts for casual occasions like a family dinner, shopping and more. Half sleeve shirt look great at beaches, concerts and more.

When buying a shirt, ensure that the quality of the fabric is good. A high- quality fabric shirt will look good and last longer. You can browse through an exceptional range of shirts on Declic. They offer a great variety from basic corporate wear to more vibrant pieces for parties. On Declic you have a range of men’s accessories like ties, handkerchiefs, cufflinks and more. They have free shipping on orders above $100.