Services You Should Know about as an Owner of Exquisite Watches and Beautiful Jewelry 

As a proud owner of brilliant watches and jewelry you must also be aware of the fact that these beauties need to be refined from time to time. Besides, they might also need restoration to look as good as new from time to time. Wondering where to find such services and what those services are? If yes, then this is the right place for you to explore all your unanswered questions. So, let’s begin!

Why do Watches and Jewelry Require Servicing? 

Before we can actually take you down through some wondering services offered by master designers at Atelier Lou jewelry store, we’d like to make a mention about the reasons that such services are essential. 

  • Jewelry – no matter gold, silver, platinum, diamond, or gemstones – require polishing to regain their natural shine. And that polishing you certainly cannot do at home. 
  • Watches are no different than jewelry when it comes to touch-ups here and there. Whether it’s a dead battery or a worn out strap, goldsmiths and designers at Atelier Lou know all the secrets to making your watches as good as new. 

That said, let’s quickly dive down to the wonderful services offered by them.

  1. Watch Repair and Restoration Services

The best watch repair and restoration services that are worth the money spent are listed below. 

  • Replacement of dead batteries of quartz watches that’s done impromptu by professionals on the spot.  
  • Evaluation and appraisal services for vintage models for the purpose of insurance and sale. 
  • Determining the age of vintage watches to calculate their actual worth. 
  1. Jewelry Repair and Evaluation Services

Whether it’s a missing piece of diamond or gemstone or a broken link, the experienced goldsmiths at this Atelier Lou can repair and replace them all. Besides, they offer polishing and priming services too. 

Also, if you want to sell your jewelry at the right prices, they evaluate the value of your jewelry according to the APP Code. 

Moving on, we’d also like to take you through some of the best and bestselling watches and jewelry pieces at this store that you’ll fall in love with. Have a look!

  • 18 Karat White Gold Micro Pave Wedding Band 
  • 10 Stone Anniversary Ring
  • 18 Karat White Gold Engagement Ring
  • Airco Mach 1/BK Black Dial 
  • ALT1-P2 Blue Dial Bracelet 

On a closing note, you can visit their website – – to have a look at their entire collection of watches, jewelry, and services.