Rolex Explorer: The Sturdiest, Modern-Looking and Vintage Sports Watch


Quite often or not, the Rolex Explorer is neglected when they are put to comparison with other of its stunning models, like for supposing the Daytona or maybe the Submariner. But there’s something about this Rolex Explorer that makes it authentic sports watch. We shall dive into how it came into existence, its significant references, and why it one of the best sports models in the Rolex series.

The Starting of Rolex Explorer

The history of Rolex Explorer goes dates back to the bygone times when Rolex was analyzing the Oyster Perpetuals at the Himalayas to check its performance under the temperature extremities and with deprivation of oxygen. The watch garnered fame and came to be known as the Explorer when the ancient prototypes that were under scrutiny were worn by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary as they were the first to brave the Everest summit back in 1953. 

It was in this year that the first Explorer in the 6298 references was launched by Rolex. But it was only in 1953 that the reference 6350 was incorporated and the name Explorer was put on the dial of the watch.

Things to Consider and Understand Before Making Your Rolex Explorer Purchase

If you are looking for the vintage 36-millimeter styling then choose reference 114270. Without even paying the premium price of 1016, you can enjoy the traditional case size and the same nostalgia. Rather than the matte dial, you would be getting the painted indices but teamed with a solid end link bracelet. However, if you favor a large case size, then ensure you choose the 214270 Mark II.

Rolex Explorer: The Finest Ever Sport Model to Flaunt

The Rolex Explorer sans a second thought is the premium sports model. It is a legit time-telling machine boasting of a sleek case that isn’t available in other sport watch models. The solid movement of the watch can withstand the toughest of beating and is superfluous. Rolex Explorer is the perfect example of how Rolex watches are expected to be. The watch has everything that you desire.

The Rolex Explorer secures an interesting position in the entire horological history. The watch has the rarest qualities of being the only contemporary rolex submariner date replica sports watch. The watch model is subtle in its design. The watch is the perfect blend of opulence and exploration. The watch is an ideal choice for all avid explorers who wish to make a trillion experiences in their lifetime.