Right Solutions in Children Clothing: A Short Discourse

For a successful costume, the outfit is the piece not to be chosen at random. In toy stores, you can find many outfits in all sizes. In order to choose the right size, do not hesitate to ask an advisor if the outfit you want to give the child respects the size indicated.

For combination-type costumes, it is better to plan a size smaller so that the child can move and have fun without feeling embarrassed. For long princess dresses, consider looking at the length of the dress on the back of the item. This indication will give you valuable information on the size to choose. Indeed, a dress that is too long risks making the child who will wear it fall. To avoid altering the length, take the time to measure the child to choose the right costume.

If the costume party is in the fall or winter, plan a size up so the child can pull on a warm sweater underneath their anime halloween costumes.

Shoes for a child costume

Although this is not the main part of the costume, the shoes should match the child’s costume. For children who want to turn into princesses for a party, you can find real princess shoes comfortable to wear for small sizes. If you don’t have princess shoes, ballet flats or small sandals will go very well with a beautiful princess dress.

For superhero disguises, you can find boot covers in the colors of the costume. They are positioned above the child’s shoes for a trompe-oeil effect of real boots of the heroes of the Avengers. Discreet black sneakers or black boots can also serve as shoes for this type of costume.

Costume accessories

Certain accessories are essential to complete a disguise. For example, a beautiful princess crown will go perfectly with the matching dress.

Plus, what would Darth Vader be without his lightsaber? Also, don’t forget the Batman mask or Captain America’s shield! Without these accessories, it will be more difficult for children to slip into the shoes of their favorite character.

For disguises like the Hulk or Spiderman, consider the mask. In order to prevent the mask from being too large, do not hesitate to go to the toy store with the child to make sure that the chosen mask is the right size. It should stay in place even if the child is moving their head, running or jumping. Also check that the eye holes match the shape of the child’s face.

Some children can’t stand wearing a mask that matches their costume. In this situation, you can always suggest to the child to make up his face to reproduce the helmet or the mask of the superhero.

To do this, take a special disguise makeup palette for children along with the Captain America Costume. The products are dermatologically tested and offer several very covering colors that you will not find in classic makeup. Green like the Hulk, white like a clown or red like Spiderman, there is no lack of colors! Make-up is a kid’s favorite finishing touch for clowns and other one-eyed pirates.

When to dress up?

Wondering what are the occasions to dress up?  To tell the truth for a child all the occasions are good to transform into his favorite heroes. Whether you put on a show at home that he created himself or go to a disguised birthday party with his classmates, the child never lacks imagination when choosing a costume!