Reboot Your Fashion Game With A Stylish Pair Of Jeans

Jeans! One of the most functional and popular clothing items for both genders was initially created for manufacturing employees. Indigo was selected from all the available colours since it is the best colour for masking dirt or other imperfections. It was created in 1871 by Jacob W. Davis in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. and patented by both Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis in 1871 and 1973. The Jean fabric was traded in Italy, Genoa, France, and Italy. The word “Jeans” is thought to have its roots in the French word for Genoa. Because of the fabric’s durability and ability to survive various weather conditions, denim is used to make it.

Here we update you about the latest trends with our jeans for women  collection for women at ONLY.

Bootcut denim

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, bootcut jeans for women and girls were very fashionable and have recently become more common. It looks chic and sophisticated on tall girls. Jeans with a bootcut hem are wider at the bottom and slightly figure-hugging at the thighs. Although they seem elegant when worn with heels, you may wear them with flats and belly shoes.

Skinny Jeans

One of the most popular styles of jeans for ladies is skinny jeans. These jeans embrace the body, contour the entire legs, and can be stretched! Girls or women who have toned legs and aren’t afraid to show them off look great in skinny jeans.

Pair thin jeans with a basic white t-shirt and athletic shoes to look like a diva. This straightforward yet elegant design is simple and ideal for college students.

Ripped or worn-out jeans

Here is another example of the chic and current girls’ jeans. Almost every girl owns a pair of ripped jeans, which have a glam appearance and may be dressed in various ways. This one-pair outfit would be ideal for a casual day at work or lunch. As the name implies, these jeans have rips or tears near the thighs, front, etc.

You may pull off a gorgeous appearance with ripped jeans by combining the ripped jeans with a white crop top and a blue shirt.

High Waist Jeans

High Waist jeans make you look good since they elongate your legs, making them a great option that can go well with different types of shoes, from heels to sneakers, sandals, and booties. One of the main factors is the rise in popularity of tank tops, crop tops, and the ability of jeans’ waistbands to rest on the torso. High-waisted jeans nicely define your curves, effortlessly defining your peach and enabling you to frolic in style and with a tonne of flair.

Joggers For Women

Women’s jogger pants are a welcome addition to any wardrobe, especially for millennials, since they are the finest choice for cool and relaxed events. It is perfect for all the females who enjoy dressing up in stylish yet casual clothing. They are quite comfortable and match a variety of shirts. You can make your casual look stylish by pairing jogger trousers with a simple black top and heels. 

Feel free to experiment, take chances, or change things up. Everyone can find something to wear because there are so many possibilities. Get these women’s denim jeans at ONLY!