Pair of Sew Good Socks for A Life

Sometimes it takes a simple action to accomplish something of great magnitude. Who has ever imagined that a pair of socks can save a life? It may be inconceivable to equate the life of a person or animal to pairs of socks but, this time around the maths has worked. If you purchase two pairs of our Sew Good Socks, we will give out a contribution of three pairs of socks to help the forgotten and neglected people around the world. In other words, your purchasing of two pairs of socks will initiate a contribution worth three pairs to the needy: This means that you will have contributed so much that you have consumed. And that is the power of the Sewn Good Pairs of Socks.

Unlike other pairs of socks, Sew Good socks have undone so many unacceptable practices in the market. For all the environmentalists, Sewn Good socks in the only brand that you can comfortably buy and use to conserve the environment. It is the responsible fashion in the market that has attained the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by using organic cotton that farmers grow alongside other crops that feed them. Sensationally, the production of this cotton nurtures and makes it viable for long term use contrary to the production process of the ordinary cotton that destroys the soil quality.

If you need to create a safer environment around the cotton farmers, then buy and use the Sew Good Socks since they use organic cotton whose production has banned all the hazardous pesticides. It is good to note that over 77 million agricultural workers around the world suffer from poisoning from pesticides each year and, now purchasing the ordinary socks propels this massive damage to humanity. The only way to solve this crisis and come to the rescue of the affected farmers is to buy the apparel that is GOTS certified: which you will only find in Sew Good. Let us join hands to save the lives of the farmers globally.

Undoubtedly, you can contribute so much towards environmental conservation and lifesaving when you purchase the Sew Good Socks. Any chemical we must use in the production of the cotton we use in creating these unique socks should meet all the required toxicity and biodegradability as GOTS has set. We find this practice unique because the producers of ordinary cotton go as far as using the chemicals and dyes that the EU has prohibited -This endangers the lives of the water animals as they finally get into the water bodies available. We can save the lives of these animals by purchasing environmentally conscious products from Sew Good.

There is no single time that the socks or any clothing from Sew Good can affect your skin or health. Research has indicated that other clothing contains traces of toxic dyes that cause allergies, rashes, and other respiratory problems to the people, mostly the children. Since our certification covers all the processes, trust me that Sew Good clothing is as clean as the GOTS demand. We cannot exhaust the goodness that comes with the Sewn apparel but, you can have a taste of it anytime you want. Buy your Sewn Good Socks now to save a myriad of lives.