October Birthstone Jewelry: Opal Symbolism and Meaning

Opal is the stone for everyone, it is the one that is highly recommended to people born in October. It can be worn in the form of Opal Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, and Pendants. People are amazed by the type of Opal as it can be differentiated based upon their appearance and color. The beautiful Opals can be of two major kinds, one is precious and the other is semi-precious. A classic way to choose Opal is based on your sun sign and birth chart recommendation. The different kinds of gemstones can help you to showcase yourself in the best possible way.

What is October Birthstone?

Opal is available in endless colors and various inclusions. The inclusions give a different look and the color combinations look splendid. If you have a look at the rough Opal, you will be amazed by the diversity of color it has and will be adored by you. A rock that is finely crafted into a gemstone and holds the symbol of peace and prosperity that works magically, Opal is a gigantic rock that is later converted into stones and worn in different ways. It is a mineral that is extracted from nature and it helps you to become a better person and you can absorb all the goodness offered by the stone. Just by wearing it regularly. The amazing jewel can be paired with everyday dresses or even for parties, you just need to choose as per your usage. The expansion of your personality will be greater than your thoughts and you will be witnessing positivity throughout the process. The impact will begin at a slow pace but gradually will be long-lasting and you will enjoy the positive affirmations and gratifications.

October Birthstone Meaning

Opal is October Birthstone and it represents Confidence and Self-believe. It helps a person who is suffering from low self-esteem. The precious jewel lets you speak your style and express yourself as a prominent source of inspiration. The meaning of the word “Opal” means to witness the color change. If you have been missing completeness in your life, this one is for you. It lets you be the person who can enjoy your social and professional life to the fullest. It can convert you into a positive person.

Places where Opal Found

The majority of the quantity is made available from Australia. It is the country that has the right geographical conditions to have ample Opal. The rarest Opal found in the country of Kangaroo and it is the Black Opal. The sources of Opal include Ethiopia, Mexico, the Virgin Valley, etc.

Characteristic of Opal

A completely amazing stone that can be your partner for life is here, Grab the most promising stone based on the best characters so you can get a good value for your purchase. Opal Jewelry is measured based on color, carat, cut, and clarity. The color should be distinctive and all the inclusions must be visible likewise all characters require a situation that has to be satisfied to consider it as a marketable stone.

The different characteristics of Opal are:

Opal Color– The color depends upon the type of Opal. majorly there are 5 types of Opals and each has different colors that help everyone to identify them and differentiate accordingly. Black Opal is as the name suggests with blue-green, yellow-orange inclusions which make it look perfect. White Black and Ethiopian Opal are white but have a major difference, white opal may seem like white marble and Ethiopian opal is white with a rainbow color surface. Fire-Opal has the classic orange color which is very deep and it reflects backlight the best way.

Cut of Opal– The Opal cut is essential as it reflects the finishing of the gemstone. One needs to have a clear look at the smooth edges and the level of wastage that is emitted from the Opal. It became highly important during the ricing of the Opal.

Opal Carat– The weight of the Ethiopian Opal Ring has a carat value in numbers which is the weight of the gemstone. The higher the weight, the higher will be the carat value. Therefore, one has to observe the carat value of the Opal.

Clarity of Opal– The level of inclusions will reflect the clarity. Certain gemstones should be able to reflect the light and hence clarity is critical for the valuation of their value.

How to Clean your Opal Jewelry?

Care is essential for your Opal Jewelry and you need to clean it at regular intervals to maintain its quality. The stone is more like minerals with 20-30% water content which has to be kept away from direct sunlight. Plus, it is essential to ensure you always use mild soap and warm water to carry out the cleaning of your stone. It will give you a tough time if you clutter up and don’t pay attention to keeping it in a separate jewelry box.