Mouse pad with wrist rests

Mouse pads were traditionally designed for the earlier mouse with rubber ball which needed a surface to grip for the functioning of the ball. Today, the standard is the optical mouse, which is designed with an optical sensor instead of a rubber ball.

A mouse pad is still needed if the optical mouse is used on a semi or fully reflective surface.

Wrist rests can be used when you are not using the keyboard. However wrist rests are for your palms and not your wrists. Wrist rests can be provided either with the keyboard or the mouse pad. Wrist rests with the mouse pad are more ergonomically suitable.

Mouse pads

A mouse pad is a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse and come in a variety of materials and prices. A mouse pad enhances the usability of the mouse compared to using the mouse directly on a table. The pad allows accurate measurement without any jitter. Mouse pad have the option of a wrist rests for increased ergonomics.

Mouse pad for gamers

Cloth mouse pads are highly preferred by gamers who required pin point accuracy with the friction. The cloth provides a smooth, consistent and durable surface preferably a large surface as they make large seeping motions with low DPI mice.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If one suffers from Carpal tunnel syndrome, using the computer can be very painful. However, there are some inexpensive ways you can relieve of some pressure. There are two ways to do this, one is to provide a wrist rest on your keyboard the other is to provide it on your mouse pad.

Mouse pads with wrist rests for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

These are ergonomically designed mouse pads and wrist rests that give comfort to your wrists and offers your mouse a very smooth surface for tracking its base, it is made of natural rubber and the rest of the wrist is covered fully with non toxic clothing. There are other types of mouse wrists like gel filled and memory foam wrist rest. Mouse pads with wrist rests are sold by leading suppliers like 123ink and other quality brands.

Methods to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

For people who spend long hours on the computer, here are a few tips on prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Be relaxed, reduce your force on the grip of the mouse and hit the key board softly.
  • Take frequent breaks and exercise your hands and wrists by gently stretching them.
  • Improve your posture
  • Correct your form
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Check and change your mouse and keyboard that suit you.