Men and women and the Fanny Packs for You

Real man carry purses became the mantra of this autumn or winter. And the avalanche of couture fanny packs made us agree.

The Best Packs

Who never wished to wake up one day and have a Doraemon for himself, that cat so cosmic that it took all sorts of fantastic and futuristic things out of an infinite pocket? It hasn’t happened yet (we also never received the letter from Hogwarts), but at least there are fanny packs. Yes, yes, the accessory does not allow you to carry infinite things inside like the pocket of our favorite Japanese doll does, but we can carry it around the waist (and beyond) with everything we want to have close at hand. And the male wardrobe needed this so much, a highly utilitarian accessory that works as an extra pouch to leave all the others free is there anything worse than a few pockets of trousers loaded with junk, creating disconcerting volumes?

The Aspect of Gender Fluidity

We are in the age of gender fluidity and, this fall or winter, this has given the men’s wardrobe a renewed choice in the universe of wallets, from bags to clutches, shopping bags and more, many more, backpacks. And the fanny pack appears in the middle of all this as the perfect solution for when the pocket of your trousers or jacket does not arrive to carry all your belongings and the backpack is already too much. And better, it stays close, glued to the body and doesn’t even need hands for anything. There is a cool factor, but there is also a practical factor and even if times change, we talk more about gender fluidity than ever and we are obsessed with getting inspiration from the female wardrobe (and vice versa), the fanny pack remains a safe bet for anyone who compromises masculinity is still an issue. The choice of the best fanny pack happens to be effective there.

It is not that we are talking about a new accessory

Not a big comeback, the fanny packs were not exactly missing, on the contrary, they came back in force a long time ago (even though we were tempted to condemn them to death on the waist of questionable tourists), only now they are even more versatile (and we even passed to love the style of that tourist).


They exist in the most varied shapes, colors and patterns, and that is how they are also used, in multiple ways, to take the place of the belt or not, shoulder to shoulder, to escape under the arm, facing forward or to be highlighted on the back. And there are sports, classic, in noble materials, monogrammed and even low-cost, courtesy of fast fashion giants. Where to use? Of course, wherever you want, in a gym look, for work or a cocktail. We are addicted to giving a new face to everything that was tacky, we already know. And if that is practical on top of that, we are convinced.