Making A New Mum Happy: 4 Tips For Gift-Givers


Welcoming a newborn is one exciting chapter for parents, but what more for relatives and loved ones who wish to celebrate and give gifts to show appreciation? Well, it can be hard to shop for these things if you are not a mother yourself, but here are some notes to take when you are finally visiting a website or a retailer to get new mum gifts in Singapore.

  1. Know the different products for mothers and newborn babies. For instance, there is a new mum hamper to take care of used burping pads and other fabrics the infant used, a changing table pad to ensure support of the baby’s back, and even a mobile to design the beautiful nursery and let the baby explore the world. Know these items before anything else to make things easier.
  2. Shopping at retail spaces is easier than online but it does not mean one should avoid the latter. If you are visiting a website, explore them in an organised fashion. First, start with the homepage and observe what you see. There are promotions and action buttons to help you go to a specific page, such as clothing or toiletries. Second, use these buttons to get to where you can exploregift baskets for new momsand other celebratory presents.
  3. Take note of the delivery and transit options because your item might be fragile. For example, they might fold a new mum gift hamper that is big to save space, and you need to take note of the assembly instructions.
  4. Add something thoughtful to the gift. It can be a note that says it is from you or something personal, such as a touch of their favourite colour or anything that signifies their personality. They will remember your new mum gifts.

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