How to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer?

When you spend hundreds of dollars on premium shoes, you don’t want them to wear out easily or become discolored. While most leather sneakers like the Fragment Travis Scott are pretty durable, you can take some additional steps to make them last a long time.

When sneakers get old, they develop creases on the toe box, and their soles become thinner. They can also start fading in color, which is a big concern. So these tips will help you prevent these problems in your sneakers. 

  1. Use sole protectors
    Sole protectors are a transparent film attached to the bottom of your shoe’s soles. These items last one or two weeks and prevent your sneaker’s soles from wearing out. 

Start using sole protectors from the very beginning so that your sneaker’s sole has the least amount of damage. They will still wear and tear over the years, but sole protectors significantly reduce the need for a sole replacement. 

  1. Use stain protection spray
    Stains are one of the worst enemies for sneakers. Therefore, you should coat your sneakers with a water-resistant spray as soon as you buy them. There are several weatherproofing sprays available for your sneakers in the market. 

Different types of sneakers need different sprays, so make sure to use the correct one. This coating will prevent your sneakers from water, snow, mud, or other liquid stains. 

  1. Use shoe-protectors or newspaper
    When you store leather sneakers like the Fragment Travis Scott, you need to put some support inside them to ensure that they do not develop creases. You can use cardboard shoe-protectors or shoe trees. You can also use scrunched-up newspapers instead. 

Put the shoe protector inside the shoe after it has been cleaned and dried. It will prevent your shoe from shrinking and creasing. 

  1. Store them in a cool and dry place
    Heat and moisture can damage leather and suede. It can make the leather hard and brittle, causing cracks. Always store your sneakers in a cool and dry place to protect them from any damage. 

Put a silica gel pouch in each shoebox while storing them. These will absorb any residual moisture. Also, avoid storing them in a sunny area, as the sun can damage your shoes. 

The bottom line 

It is vital to keep your shoes clean and regularly to ensure that you don’t have to throw out your expensive shoes. If you protect your shoes using these methods, your sneakers will last for years and years. If you wash them regularly and keep them clean, they will look as good as new.

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