How to Differentiate Between Fake and Real Pearls?

If diamonds are girl’s best friend, then for sure pearls are her soul mate. Pearls are one of the most valued and cherished gems in the world. In fact, it is believed that you can never go wrong with pearls. They will suit any and every attire and simply make you look gorgeous.

However, just like any other gems, it is very important that you make sure that what you are buying are genuine pearls. Unfortunately, there are many fake versions of pearls available in the market now, and the fake ones are so convincing that you cannot imagine that they aren’t real.

What are fake pearls and how to differentiate between fake and real?

Fake pearls are manmade pearls. Beads of plastic, ceramic and even glass are used to make fake pearls. They are coated with varnish and other similar materials to give it a luster. If you have no idea about how to differentiate between the two, there are good chances that you might end up buying a fake pearl earrings or any other jewelry at a price it doesn’t deserve. So, to ensure that you are buying real pearls, simply follow any one of the tips given below.

  1. They are colder: Real pearls are always colder than their surrounding temperature, unless they are worn by someone. So, simply touch them and you will know whether they are real or not.
  1. Heavier in weight: Compared to the fake pearls which are nothing but plastic, real pearls are heavier in weight. Again, this you can judge as soon as you hold them.
  1. Their shapes and color vary: Since real pearls are formed naturally, no two pearls are of same size and color.
  1. Tooth test: Rub the pearl you are buying against your front teeth. If the pearl is real, you will feel some roughness, which is not there in fake pearls.

There are many other tests like the ones mentioned above, and you can try them all if you are buying pearls from a local store. However, it is not possible if you are buying pearls online. Therefore, it is always recommended that you buy only from reputed and trustworthy pearl dealers. After all, you don’t want to pay good enough amount for something that isn’t real.