How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost Or Forget The Rules And Myths

When choosing an engagement ring, several questions may arise. What size should I choose? What design will my girlfriend like? And what should be the price of an engagement ring? We will try to help you with exactly this last question in the following article and present you with a few tips on how to find the right solution so that all parties are satisfied and the request for a hand goes smoothly.

What Has Been Translated In The Past?

Have you ever heard of the “rule” that the price of an engagement ring should be equal to two to three monthly salaries? De Beers’ well-thought-out marketing strategy has convinced (or still convinces) most buyers that the above amount corresponds exactly to how much should be spent on the ring. However, this is nothing more than a clever advertising move. It all started in the 1930s, when the company launched a campaign in which it recommended buying an engagement ring at a monthly salary. The amount increased to two monthly salaries in the 1980s. And in the Japanese market, the company abused the local men’s sense of honor and reputation and even set the appropriate price at an amount equal to three months’ salary. So don’t take the information about two or three monthly salaries too seriously, because De Beers belongs to the diamond mining company, which also promoted the idea that an engagement ring should be decorated with diamonds.

So don’t be bound by this myth about the price of an Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings. Nowadays, no similar principle applies and it is really up to you and your decision (and your financial situation) what the engagement ring will look like and how much you decide to pay for it. Nowadays, more and more couples are approaching the purchase of an engagement ring so-called “in their own way”, so you don’t have to look at any rules and feel that if you spend a smaller amount on the ring, you will be considered a saver. However, if you want to have an idea of ​​what the price of an average engagement ring is today, according to the latest surveys, it is about three weekly salaries. You can take this fact as a modern dogma, but nothing is fixed.

The ring is important to everyone differently and every woman has a different idea. Some like the simplicity and symbolism of the jewel, others seek luxury and grandeur. For some women, an engagement ring with a glittering diamond can be proof of love , and if you save on jewelry, they may feel that you don’t value her that much. Others, on the other hand, do not make much sense to the price of the engagement ring, and your words will explain more to her, explaining why you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

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Is it necessary to buy an engagement ring with a diamond?

The moment you start looking for the right engagement ring, the clear glow of glittering diamonds will probably smile at you from most parts of the corner. The box hiding the diamond engagement ring is certainly an ageless classic with which men have been scoring points with their partners for generations. However, this does not mean that you cannot give your chosen wife a ring hiding another gemstone a diamond is definitely not a necessity, especially nowadays, when the market offers us a wide range of other variants. You can choose a colored stone, such as deep blue sapphire, passionate red ruby ​​or soft pink morganite. Colored gems are not only an original and interesting choice, but they are also usually significantly cheaper than diamonds, so you can afford a larger stone for the same price.

If you only want a clear classic, but the diamond is financially unaffordable for you, we would have one secret tip for you. Have you ever heard of moissanite? It is a precious stone that is indistinguishable from a diamond at first glance – thanks to the fact that it is laboratory-created, it does not contain any inclusions and its appearance is thus completely flawless. At the same time, it is a very hard and high-quality stone that can boldly compare its properties with a diamond. However, its price is significantly lower compared to a diamond, which your wallet will certainly appreciate.

If you opt for an Affordable Moissanite Rings, be sure not to fool your partner and tell her that she received diamond jewelry although her eye probably won’t recognize it, sincerity is one of the basic pillars of marriage.

What To Look For When Deciding On The Price Of An Engagement Ring?

Many couples nowadays choose an engagement ring together, and this moment is useful not only for a discussion about what an engagement ring should look like , but also for deciding how much to spend on it. And even if your girlfriend wants a surprise and wants to leave the choice of ring purely to you, the amount you want and can spend for the ring is the first thing you should think about before buying . So, dear gentlemen, what needs to be considered when deciding on the financial value of an engagement ring?

Financial opportunities

Before buying jewelry, it is advisable to determine how much I want to invest and what price category I can afford. In this first and very important step, you determine the boundaries in which you want to move. Even if you only apply for a hand once in a lifetime and such a unique moment will never be repeated, we do not recommend taking out loans; after all, asking for a hand is primarily about love and not about the price of an engagement ring.

Tip: When buying an engagement ring, be sure to consider what other major expenses await you in the near future. Remember that engagements are sooner or later followed by a wedding with additional costs. And that’s not the end of it in any case, quite the opposite.

The importance of the ring for a girlfriend

As we mentioned above, in order to hit the black, we need to know the importance your half attaches to the price or appearance of the ring. This is mainly about the overall impression it gets when you say: the place, atmosphere or symbolism of the ring? Or is she the type of woman who will appreciate something more unconventional and more expensive, such as an engagement ring with a diamond, which will make her feel exceptional and important?

Your girlfriend’s style

The contents of the wardrobe and the overall style of clothing that your girlfriends like can also help you a lot in deciding how to choose an engagement ring from Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. Does she like to wear exclusive fashion and expensive brands? Or does he rather go second hand and wear cheap things? Either way, engagements are called a harbinger of a wedding or it is mainly a harmonious partnership and love that exceed the value of the ring.