How Do You Make A Gerbera Daisy Bouquet?

It is no secret that the gerbera daisy is a popular cut flower. Gerbera daisies are often the choice of bouquet gifts for loved ones. Giving a bouquet of homemade flowers is a manifestation of the sincerity of your feelings for him. Therefore, try to give your handmade items once.

Learning to create your gift is a hard thing for ordinary people to do. Even professional florists must first learn to be reliable in making bouquets with attractive shapes and designs. They have to learn every day, especially if they want to open their own business. What’s more, people usually give bouquets for the most important and quite special events. Like when you want to meet your lover, beloved family member, teacher, or at a friend’s school graduation. You can follow some of these simple and easy guidelines for making bouquets if you are interested in making your own.

1.    How to create a basket type

          For baskets, you can choose the material made of woven rattan or bamboo. In addition, buy a plastic bag or aluminum foil, double-sided tape, and floral foam. You can cut the plastic or aluminum foil bag until its size covers the bottom and part of the basket wall.

          Then, make a floral foam shape so that it fits in the basket. Remember! The height ratio should be no more than a third of the basket. Then, plug the flowers into the floral. To make it look more natural, cut the height of each stem differently. Arrange all the flowers until the basket looks full. Finally, tie a ribbon on one side of the basket handle. If you don’t have a handle, you can glue it on some of the edges of the basket. Finally, add a little water to the foam for longer freshness. You can give it when visiting a sick relative as a get well soon hamper. It is because they will be easy to put on the table.

2.    How to create tie type

          It only requires a few tools. The tools in question are two pins, tape, satin ribbons to taste, and the flower itself. Start by tying the stems with tape. The length of the tape tie is as long as the grip of the hand. Tie several times to ensure tightness and hide any uneven parts of the stem.

          After the tape, it’s your turn to attach the ribbon with a pin under the ties. Then wrap it until all the masking tape is covered. Pin the ends of it. Tie a ribbon at the bottom of the ties. Then pin the ends and tie the stem with the remaining satin ribbon.

3.    How to create a box type

          All you need to prepare is a small box with a lid. You can get this at shops that sell gifts. Provide a plastic bag or thick aluminum foil, double-sided tape, and floral foam to attach the flower stalks. First of all, cut the plastic bag until it is the size of the box. Arrange these pockets at the base of the box. Only then, cut the floral foam with an area that is almost the same as the square. However, cut the height of the foam a third shorter than the box. And place it in the box. Then, cut the flower stems to the same height as the box. Insert the stem into the previously placed floral foam. Well, your bouquet is ready. So that the fresh flowers last longer, you can pour a little water on the foam.

4.    How to create a normal type

          If you want to make a simple shape, you can first prepare some materials. To make the shape of this first flower bouquet, you first prepare it and tie it with rubber. Place tissue paper and rhombus-shaped wrappers and cover them over the flowers. Trim a little and then bind the outside with a ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

          If you want to make it look more aesthetic, you can also add beautiful wrapping paper. You have to use it by cutting it first and using two pieces of wrapping paper. And lay the pieces of paper crosswise. It is to cover the others as if out of sync.

          Here the brown paper is also needed as one of the wrappers. So, in this flower bouquet tutorial, you will need three sheets of paper which you will later fold into a fan-like shape. At the bottom, you can cut it to reduce its size. And finish by tying it with a ribbon beautifully. Ribbons are indeed one of the essential elements of why it looks beautiful. So, for making a flower bouquet, you will need three sheets of paper which you will later fold into a fan-like shape. Differently has to use a long straight ribbon. You can also use patterned ribbon. If you are still having trouble following the method above, you can also look for other alternatives through other video tutorials. If you don’t have too much time, you can also ask an expert to make it directly. But by making your design or shape, it will feel more special. They will sense your sincerity and sincerity in it. Sometimes a person’s happiness cannot be judged just from material things. However, small, sincere things can melt someone’s heart. By giving them your handmade gift, they will feel special in your heart.