Easy Ideas To Style Your Plain White T-Shirts

Here is a question and be honest with God while you answer it. Is there or is there not a white shirt nicely tossed at the back of your closet? Yes, we have all been there. We buy it, we feel we could jinx it up with any other colour or any other style as our mothers suggested taking something more conventional?! Well, guess who was right?! Well, it so turns out that it’s not an easy job to “jinx” stuff up huh?! But it cannot be sure that difficult with a bit of external help. Before you feel like you have to get rid of it and sell it off at a bad bargain just go through the article once that will help you choose how to wear your plain lame white tee to surely jinx stuff up this time.

  • 5 easy ideas for your white tees:

The following list contains styles that are fit for anyone, everyone and for any time and every time. The list contains attire ideas that would be acceptable in utter winters as well as some cool Indian t-shirt ideas for hot and humid summers as well.

  1. Floral skirts and white shirt:

This is a really pretty choice. For winters you could match them up with a pretty jacket and boots, while in summer you could tie up your hair in a knot and add two little hoops and maybe an added headband with cute designs on it to make it look even prettier.

  1. Bold vibrant colours with the white tee:

Contrasting is the new trend. You could pair your plain white t-shirt with a vibrant and bold coloured; say a red and black striped lower, skirt or maybe pants. It will give you a bold outlook and you could even match it with a black leather jacket and maybe keep your hair loose, on your shoulders or tie them up in a pony with few loose strands here and there.

  1. White tee and shorts:

This is a comfy look. Who would want to dress up for going to a local store? But you do need to look a bit civilised though. So why not just throw in shorts and a white tee, pair it with a cap and as for shoes, and wear sandals or some comfortable enough sneakers.

  1. White tee with a jacket:

A white t-shirt, black jeans paired with maybe a black leather jacket. Well hello, Mr. Hunk! This is quite a classy look yet keeps it low key and simple. It is not my h work either and sneakers of black colour would go just fine with it. Here the white helps to break the monotone that black creates.

  1. Blue jeans and the white shirt:

This is a classic and for men and women alike. Women could wear them with denim shorts or maybe folded mom jeans and pair them with a carefully made careless ponytail with loose strands of hair framing the face. While the boys could pair them up with denim pants preferable a bit darker, and put on their favourite pair of sneakers and they are good to go.

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