Consider Buying a Gift of Birthstone Jewelry


People do not always think of birthstone jewelry as a possible gift for a loved one or close friend but it is a fantastic option.  Getting something slightly more personal like a birthstone shows that you have put a little more thought into the present.  

You may not always know the exact birth date of someone you are buying a gift for, but most of the time you will have a very good idea of what month they were born in.  If not, you can usually come up with a way to find out without tipping your hand about the gift.  This simple piece of information is all you need to know to pick out a beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry.  If this seems like an expensive option it need not be.  Think of coming to E.D. Marshall Jewelers to pick from some of the finest birthstone jewelry at the best prices.  We pride ourselves in offering distinctive pieces that are sure to delight the recipient.

Purchasing jewelry as a gift can feel like a difficult, almost impossible, task for some people but it really does not need to be. Think about the special person and take some time to look carefully at what they wear for jewelry.  You will quickly get ideas of what they might like.  Start with determining what birth stone options you have, then think about what type of jewelry you would like to get.  Once you have those 2 things in mind you are ready to go to E.D. Marshall Jewelers to pick out your gift.

Which birthstone?

Based on the month of the birthday you can pick out the correct birthstone.  Some months have a single birth stone while others have a few stones to choose from.  

January babies start the year wearing bright red garnets while February is for purple amethyst.  March is the month of the beautiful blue-green colored aquamarine birth stone.  April used to be the month for sparkling diamonds, but with many attractive cubic zirconia stones available it is not unusual for the cubic zirconia to be substituted for diamonds without any loss of sparkle.  Women and men born in May adore wearing the striking emerald for their birthstone.  June is a month with multiple options for birthstones.  Peals or moonstones, purple or turquoise alexandrite, all are good choices for a June girl or boy.  

Ruby red is the bright, happy color of July and the captivating light green peridot is the birthstone of August.  September is the month for the delightful blue of sapphires.  October has two rather different choices for birthstone jewelry.  The subtle shades of opals or the bright pink tourmaline are both options.  For the fall month of November the golden colors of citrine or yellow topaz are the stones you want to choose.  And for the December born person, various stones in tones of blue are the selections:  blue zircon, blue topaz or tanzanite are all appropriate.

Now that you know which stone (or stones) is appropriate you are ready to head to E.D. Marshall Jewelers to look at your gift options.

Which Piece Of Jewelry?

Rings can be very difficult because they must fit well so that they will not fall off or roll around.  Rings come in very specific sizes so they are rarely the easiest item to purchase unless you already know what size you need.  Remember, too, that each finger is usually a different size so you need to be thinking about which finger the ring would be best suited for.  A smaller stone in a simple setting is perfect for a little finger but would be lost on a different finger (unless you have a gift recipient with very small hands).  More decorative yet sophisticated settings can show off a birthstone wonderfully in a ring for the traditional ring finger, middle finger, or thumb.   

Instead of a ring you might want to think about whether the person wears earrings.  If they do, are they wearing clip-on earrings or do they have pierced ears.  When working with pierced ears you will need to notice if the person is usually in hoops or dangling earrings or does the person prefer studs and posts. Many ladies will wear larger earrings when dressing for special events while wearing smaller post earrings for work and everyday wear.  There are numerous different styles of earrings available that include birthstones, and no sizing is necessary.

Consider the simple stud or solitaire earring which features only a single gem.  Some are set in a manner in which the setting is barely seen so that only the stone appears to be fixed on the earlobe.  Many other options are available for multi-stone earrings set on a post.  Come in to E.D. Marshall Jewelers to see what is available in the birthstone you want.

Another earring choice is smaller hoop earrings with multiple small chips of the birthstone set into the loop.  These can be quite lovely and demure, very appropriate for the office.  Drop earrings, or dangling earrings, are usually larger.  Depending on the style they can be still or moveable with either style being very sophisticated.  The length of the earring can be highly variable with some ending just below the earlobe and others reaching down almost to the shoulder.  

Does your recipient wear bracelets?  If your answer is yes, notice what type of bracelet.  And think about when and where bracelets are worn.  Not every person can wear a bracelet to work because it could catch on something, but when getting ready for an evening on the town multiple bracelets may be the desired fashion.  Are they plain solid pieces or multi-section with stones?  

Cuff bracelets are solid but not a complete circle.  An opening is left so that it can be slipped on and off the wrist.  These bracelets can work well for women with smaller wrists.  Cuff bracelets can be difficult to be sure they will fit properly and usually their size cannot be changed.  

Link bracelets are available in a multitude of styles and routinely feature stones.  Some will have only a few links with stones while others will feature a stone in each link.  This type of bracelet can be large and chunky or very fine and thin.  Which might she prefer?  

The links allow this type of bracelet to be very flexible and comfortable to wear but watch out for settings with many fine prongs that could stick into a person’s wrist and become uncomfortable very quickly.  One advantage of link bracelets is how easily they can be sized to fit the gift recipient.  

The tennis bracelet is a type of link bracelet made up of a continuous line of gemstones.  These lend themselves quite well to birthstone jewelry as each link can contain the birthstone, or the bracelet can be made up of alternating gemstones such as garnets and diamonds.  Tennis bracelets are for gem lovers.  

Necklaces with pendants can also feature birthstones.  The pendant can be simply the birthstone or it can feature a more elaborate setting with a variety of stones.  Stars, hearts, and even animals such as cats or dogs can carry birthstones in a pendant.  Let your imagination wonder.  Consider your intended recipient and what they like.  Pendants can be as sophisticated and elegant or as whimsical as you wish.  They can be vintage or contemporary to match the personality of the recipient.  Pendants that contain the birth stones of each of a mother’s children can quickly become a cherished piece of jewelry.

You may be able to purchase a pendant by itself if you know that the recipient will have a chain to wear it on.  Otherwise you need to consider buying a pendant on a chain.  Think carefully about what length of chain will work well for the recipient.  Does she enjoy wearing long necklaces or does she prefer shorter necklaces?  Usually pendants will look best on relatively shorter necklaces so that the pendant is readily displayed.  Luckily, if you guess wrong on the length of the chain it is easy enough to get a different chain in the correct length.  Be sure to pick out a sturdy enough chain if the pendant has a fairly heavy styling to it.  Hanging a large pendant on a fine, thin chain looks like it is going to break the chain while hanging a small pendant on a thick chain just looks clunky.

We have given you much to think about when picking out birthstone jewelry.  Know which birthstone is correct for your loved ones birth month then come in to E.D. Marshall Jewelers and start looking.  You will find many options.  Try to give yourself enough time before the special event so that if you are having a hard time deciding on which piece you can easily return the following week to make your final selection.  By choosing a birthstone you are showing that you have thought carefully about the gift.  By choosing to purchase the jewelry from E.D. Marshall Jewelers you show that quality is important.