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Now that the summer months have arrived and many people are on holiday in their own home or elsewhere, the question arises again: how do we best protect myself from the sun? The eyes are sometimes forgotten, while wearing sunglasses really contributes to the protection of the eyes. But does it really matter what kind of glasses you wear? And what is the color of the glasses?

More UV radiation increases the risk of eye problems

For example, cataracts can develop. This is a condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy because proteins in the lens clump together. The consequences are blurred vision and less ability to see colors. It is almost impossible to prevent cataracts, but there are ways to develop it less quickly. Wearing sunglasses is one of them.

Too much UV radiation also increases the risk of macular degeneration to. This is a condition of the middle part of the retina, the yellow spot (macula). The macula contains cones that perceive contrast and colors. They provide sharp vision, so that we can read, drive a car and recognize faces well, among other things. When these cones die, macular degeneration occurs. Visibility becomes less sharp and colors less clear. Again, the problem does not arise immediately if you do not wear sunglasses all summer, but at a later age conditions can develop more quickly. You can make use of the Ray Ban nose pads replacement  also in this case.

A lot of cataracts at a young age

How harmful UV radiation is for the eyes is shown by the fact that people from Nepal develop cataracts at a relatively young age, on average around their 40s. That’s because Nepalese live high in the mountains, which means they are exposed to a lot of UV radiation. Nepalese also don’t usually wear sunglasses. So the motto is: wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially when the sun is at its brightest, between 12 noon and 3 pm. And don’t forget children. Even at a young age it is very important to protect the eyes.

Fact or fable? Expensive sunglasses are better than cheap ones

So spend a lot of money on an expensive one? “You don’t have to, the price is mainly in the frame. But the glasses protect equally well. And more expensive glasses will perhaps fit better, which is good, because then you put them on faster.

Note: Don’t act like Bono

Does it not matter at all which one you put on your nose? It is not like that. Clear glasses function better than very dark ones that you can barely see through. “That is useful in the car, for example, so you can see the traffic signs a lot better.

One thing you should absolutely not do as far as he is concerned, and that is put on sunglasses with blue lenses. “Glasses like that of the singer Bono of U2, the Irish band, are not a good idea. Blue light is very close to UV radiation and is therefore harmful to your eyes. That’s why the lens of your eye is a bit yellowish; that is to filter out blue light. Blue light damages sensitive parts of the eye. So don’t do that! ”