Check Out The Top Trending Tweed Jackets For The Fall

The fall happens to be one of the best seasons to try out fashionable yet formal outfit due to the weather. If you are planning to buy a new jacket and aren’t sure what to go for, you may check out tweed jackets. Lately, a variety of tweed sports jackets have become part of the fashion trend. Tweed jackets include various outfits, ranging from blazers to trench coats. Here some of the options you may check out when shopping for a tweed jacket for the fall. 

  • Tweed blazers: These are perfect for formal occasions, such as a dinner or a business meet. When matched with the right type of trousers, shoes and shirt, it can make you the centre of attention. 
  • Tweed sports coat: While a little informal compared to a blazer, a tweed sports coat is quite classy and stylish. It is well-suited for special occasions where you do not need the formal look of a business meet. These coats are water resistant in nature and meant to be worn in cool weather.
  • Tweed shooting and hunting jacket: The jacket is waterproof, which makes it suitable for difficult weathers. It comes with several pockets including hand warmer pockets, cartridge and inner pockets. It is a good choice for shooters due to its design, which ensures sufficient shoulder room.
  • Trench coat: One of the popular fashion trends in the colder months, trench coats are classy and comfortable at the same time. Even though trench coats have been around for a while, they don’t seem to go out of style and is still quite trendy. A major advantage of a tweed trench coat is that you can wear it with a variety of outfits. 
  • Lightweight sports coat: This type of coat would serve you well when the weather isn’t cold enough to go for a trench coat or any other warmer jacket. A lightweight tweed jacket is airy in nature due to its weaving style. The coarse texture makes it suitable to be worn with jeans. One of the benefits of this coat is that it is resistant to wrinkles. 
  • One-button tuxedo suit: A perfect choice for professional environment, this coat comes with long sleeves and lapels. You might want to go for a dark coloured tweed tuxedo with patchwork pattern. This coat is adequately warm and can be worn in spring, autumn and winter alike. 

Trendy tweed jacket attires

The biggest advantage of a tweed jacket is that you can wear it for a variety of purposes and occasions. Here are some of the popular tweed jacket attires. 

  • Urban style: If you are enthusiastic about urban fashion styles, you may wear a tweed jacket with jeans and shirt with various accessories to complement the look.
  • Formal looks: If you are going to attend an important meeting, all you need is a formal shirt, denim jeans and a Donegal tweed jacket.
  • Informal styles: When wearing the tweed jacket causally, you can always combine it with T-shirts. If you are inclined towards innovative and out-of-the-box styles, you may mix up various attires to create your own fashion. 

One of the traditional and most popular fabrics in England, tweed has gained considerable popularity as a material for jackets in regions with a cool climate. Look out for the trendiest styles and continue your shopping!