Buffalo Mint Tobacco Long cut

The Buffalo Mint Tobacco Long Cut is a Crispy blend of peppermint and spearmint with just a hint of sweetness. The vastest flavor that typically all good brands offer. All popular brands like Black Buffalo, Copenhagen, and Skoal has been offering this flavor for quite a while now. 


The buffalo mint tobacco dip tastes like menthol that does not contain tobacco and is an alternative to it. Menthol is a flavor with a slight feeling of mint, and its aroma is like a cool breeze passing by. When it is used in dip tobacco, menthol may reduce the harshness and irritation of tobacco’s presence. However, menthol dip is a lot harder to quit than other dips. Menthol is famous for usage in other tobacco-related products too. It is the most effective lip burning flavor in the market. A user reviewed it as the most enchanting flavor he ever tried. He motivated others in his circle to start using it, too, as it gives him a delicate fresh breath.


Although the dip is crispy and flavored, that doesn’t mean that the nicotine level present in the dip is low. When you open a tin of mint tobacco dip, the aroma of menthol feels like a fresh breeze and iced places combined. When a user places it behind his cheek bag, and under his lip, he feels a sharp taste of mint and peppermint in his mouth. Sooner, the nicotine and tobacco kicks in from the background resulting in giving a lip burn lasting for more than 30 minutes.


The texture of this product can be felt by picking it in his fingers. It is like a fancy sheet and feels like a scented wet tissue if we look at a paper. It is somewhere between hard and soft. As mint tobacco dip is an extended cut, that gives it the edge over other dip sizes. The strands of this dip are more thick and lengthy than the regular ones. However, there is a brand based difference in every product to give the customer a unique experience.


Mint dips have the quality of not drying up quickly. But most people don’t worry about the packaging when it comes to dipping mint-flavored tobacco. The dippers who have been doing this for quite some time have extreme opinions about the quality of pouches present in the tins. They are happy with the packaging as bags don’t break in their mouths and don’t stick to the teeth. Every brand has a separate fan base that makes it so much accessible in the dipper community so, and it is quite hard to get the gist of the idea that does packaging have any effect on dippers, or rather they enjoy the flavors and nicotine only.


As we know that while measuring the weight of dip tobacco products, the OZ version of the system international is followed.

Skoal mint long cut comes with 1.02 Oz tins.

Copenhagen has a similar product that comes in 0.82 oz pouches.

While the Black Buffalo offers mint tobacco long cut at a net weight of 1.2 Oz with free shipping for U.S orders.

Many reviewers endorsed the latter company on Reddit as the toothpaste-like, extra strong, delicious, and a non-compromising product.