Bomb blankets

Kevlar or aramid fabric with multiple layers is mostly considered suitable for protection against any hazardous situation. This combination of fibers is used in bomb blankets. There are different sizes available for these protective blankets. These blankets could be easily found in the market. The main purpose of buying or keeping these protected blankets is to be safe from any kind of risky situation. Mainly these kinds of blankets are found with policemen, army, or soldiers.

 Working of bomb blanket


During some risk situations or situations where any bomb blast has taken place, pieces of protective equipment like blankets are used. These blankets minimized the risk of getting harmed by the explosive devices. Bomb blankets are most suitable to get protection from fragmentation which is created due to any electrical or bomb explosion. These also help a person to save themselves from high pressure.

Bomb blankets are suitable to protect any person or any property. These can be used by any unprofessional or unskilled person also. Many of the properties are protected by using bomb blankets. These heavy and web strap-connected blankets could even be hung around the windows in any of the explosive suspected areas. The duty of these protective blankets is heavy but they are portable and easy to carry. These are lightweight and designed to be carried out quickly at any place. These blankets could be shifted over windows or doors easily due to their folding nature.

Bomb blankets are versatile and could be ready to use at any place within seconds. There is various size of protective blankets available in the market. These highly protective and ISO-certified blankets are available at many places and could be purchased by anyone for protection purposes. Many of the protection international standards have permitted these blankets and have authorized them as one of the most useful blankets in explosive areas.

The usefulness of bomb blanket

  • Protective blankets or ballistic boom blankets are one of the cost-effective and convenient to use protective equipment.
  • These blankets are highly useful for protecting from explosive devices and fragments and for many of the sharpness objectives.
  • These blankets are made up of various balletic material layers.
  • These blankets are lightweight and could be folded in a compact form and stored in bags easily.
  • The approximate weight of the blanket is 9.6 kg with safety circles.

The fabric of which these bomb blankets are manufactured is flexible thin and designed only for safety purposes.