Best Use of the Holo Top Coat

Are you afraid to step aside? Are you hesitant about choosing makeup or glasses? Beauty applications will make your decision easier. There are several to choose from. Try them all.

Beauty and cosmetics are a daily routine for most women, but of course also fun. Today, there are so many different types of cosmetics available that the head goes from there and from the comfort of home. Sometimes it is necessary to try something new, but what if the selected goods do not suit you after delivery? The so-called virtual mirror will help solve this problem. You can simply test for yourself whether the selected cosmetics suit you or not. Then you order it. Where does it work everywhere?

Mirror in a smartphone

Lipstick, make-up, eye shadows or lines, you can try it all in the application Sephora, Beauty, Makeup & Hair for iOS, and Sephora – Makeup, Skin Care & Beauty Shopping for Android. It is the same application that offers a comparison of endless crowds of lipsticks, eye shadows and lines. Of course, the application offers a comparison of not only shades, but also different manufacturers and brands. Of course, you can order selected products straight away, and by shopping, you also collect points that will be useful for later. All you have to do is take a selfie photo and you can virtually apply whatever you can think of. It’s quite fun. You can easily send the result to your dear half or friend, as they like, if you are not sure yourself.

Create your own clean look

Want to try a new look? Can’t imagine yourself in a different make-up than you’re used to? No problem. Try the best. It “scans” your face, and then you can virtually describe how you want. You can easily plan your make-up in advance for a business meeting, a ball or a date, the application will guide you step by step and advise you. Even so, the application offers a straightforward purchase. You can also easily share your results.

Before you go to the hairdresser

And what about hair? Earlier tools on the Internet offered some possibilities, but the result was not entirely perfect. Current applications are literally erased. For example, the Matrix Color Lounge will allow you to try on different shades of your hair, and easily find out what will suit you. On the other hand, the web application on will offer you, in addition to color or highlights, also a view of changing your hairstyle. There are hundreds of modern, classic, but also various extravagant hair treatments to choose from. With simple tools, you can see how you would like a hairstyle that you wouldn’t even think about, and at the same time it would suit you.

New nail paint? Or on the rims?

Do you want to see how a particular paint color would suit you? The holo top coat allows you to try a whole range of designs and colors, right on your hand. Web applications for buying glasses on or are then very useful. Each of you who wear glasses knows what it’s like to look for the right rims and try them out in an optics store indefinitely. A virtual look at your face with various shapes of glasses will definitely facilitate the whole process and provide inspiration for a possible purchase.