Benefits of the reusable coffee mug over a paper cup

Coffee has become an unstoppable trend in almost everyone, not only in America but also in other places all around the globe. According to the research of coffee intake statistics, Americans consume over 150 billion cups of coffee annually. Due to a higher intake of coffee, numerous coffee shops have been opened, and some are even distributing ceramic reusable coffee cups to assist those need it daily.

One of the challenges that most coffee shops face is an increase in waste that result from the use of a paper coffee cup. Therefore, instead of increasing revenue, used coffee cup waste has been growing, especially in business areas. That’s why most coffee companies have decided to invest in quality reusable coffee Mug mainly to reduce the amount of coffee waste in the street. Here are Setbacks of using paper coffee cup:

Recycling paper cup not allowed

You may wonder why reusable coffee mug is recommended while someone can use a paper cup. One of the disadvantages of using a paper coffee cup is that the current technology doesn’t support its recycling. The reason being, a paper cup is laminated with polyethylene resin that usually keeps the coffee warm and also prevents it from leaking.

Now the coating is precisely what prevents it from being recycled, and in return, each paper cup coated and manufactured with plastic resin will end up in the street. Making the matter even worse, the process of decomposition of paper cup emits methane into the surrounding that consists of 24 times the heat-trapping co2 power.

Manufacturing process

Another pressing issue that comes with paper coffee usage is how its resource is intensive and manufacturing process. Also, the resources used when creating paper cup include water, energy and trees. So, for a company to manufacture 23 million paper cups, it will have to fetch 9.4 million trees, 7 trillion of BTU energy and 5.8 billion litres of water.

Additionally, it is therefore clearly seen how challenging it can be to dispose of 100% of paper coffee cup waste. So, the only way we can reduce paper cup waste in the street is by encouraging people in our community to start investing in the ceramic reusable coffee cups. The primary purpose of this article is to teach the reader the benefits of using a reusable coffee cup over the paper cup.

How to make changes

You can implement various strategies to make changes in your surrounding regarding paper cup issue. Firstly, as mentioned before, buy a reusable cup online that can be delivered at your doorstep. You can also purchase from your local store as long as they are selling quality products. Buying one reusable coffee cup will save you from buying coffee over and over again throughout the day.