Bath products and their uses

A baby’s first bath can be a fond memory to look back on. Nowadays, we have parents documenting every precious moment. These events are monumental and require all your love and care.

Now let’s look at some of the bare minimum essentials that you will need for this baby ritual!

During the baby’s first few weeks, it is recommended that they are given a sponge bath as their bodies are much too delicate during the early phases. It’s important to choose the right space like a flat changing table. Spread a soft towel over the table to make it an ideal resting spot and place a pillow as well. You will need:

  • A tub of luke warm water
  • A well sanitized bath sponge
  • Baby towels
  • Clean clothes
  • Fresh diapers

There are some cautionary steps to be taken care of like making sure the water is not hot, all products need to be clean as babies are still in their primitive years of growing and as such are easily susceptible to bacteria. Mothers must ensure to never leave the baby alone during bath time as this can pose as a safety hazard for your newborn.

Chairs designed to suit babies

When your baby is a few months old, this is the perfect time to introduce a high seating chair as an addition to the dining table.

These chairs are usually attached to a tray. There are some factors that need to be well thought-out before you make a purchase. Make sure that it’s easy to place the baby inside the chair. You don’t want this to become a routine bother so the easier to handle, the better. They come with safety straps so make certain that the process is undemanding and yet resourceful.

Also, are they comfortable? Is there enough seating space and is it well padded?

JPMA stands for Juvenile products manufacturers association. The products that are JPMA certified are the safest products to use. They are of high quality and reliable on the whole.

Are they easy to maintain? Babies are messy eaters and as a parent, you’ll be faced with the customary habit of cleaning up after them. So it’s important to note that these trays and chairs are easy to clean with lesser folds in the fabric so you don’t have to be wiping off liquid solutions by digging into the seamlines! There are some chairs that come with an additional tray so you can keep switching between the two, based on whichever is clean and ready to use.

Think smart, not hard. There are plenty of high end stores like Hopscotch and PinkiBlue baby store.