8 Your Guide on Wearing Distressed leather Jackets

A distressed leather jacket is a myth, but a myth that is real, very real. This is called a myth not because it does not exist but because getting one made from genuine leather is unheard of. Therefore, if you have one or found a place to buy a good one, you should not let the opportunity go. Moreover, once you have gotten your hands on one, you must not wear it on a bike with a sine T-shirt only but you should experiment with a variety of outfits as a genuine handmade leather jacket can run with numerous kinds of outfits. Therefore, we have come up with a complete guide that can assist you in deciding how to wear your distressed leather jacket. This blog will provide you a guideline, how you improvise with your sexy leather distressed jacket is based upon your imagination.

Formal Clothes

This is one combination that is left in the dresser and should be used more often. Who made the rules that a toe cannot be worn under a distressed leather jackets ? If the distressed part is subtle and the jacket is a straight one than a flappy one, you can easily pull it off. Get off the boring blocks and start living!!!


High Boots

Just like the formal cloth combination never being used, this is one that is always associated with a distressed genuine leather jacket. High boots or even low cut boots and slick denim make an awesome combination on your bike and even on the sidewalk.

White Ts

Just like the boot combination, no one will tell you that a white T-shirt is a bad option under a genuine leather jacket especially if it is a vintage one with distressed patterns. A white T usually works with all contemporary apparel but specifically with a leather jacket. This way all the focus is on the jacket only. Moreover, go along with low cut denim and high boots and you will have that killer cowboy look on your ride. A white T will never go wrong so it can easily be your go to attire especially when you are running late.


Funky Ts

With modern innovations, fashion has taken a steep turn towards the funky attitude. Just the way bright color patterns have slipped in the socks arena, funky Ts have slipped in the shirt category. The best part about owning a genuine leather jacket is that goes well with almost all colors. Similarly, the jacket will easily go with any funky shirt in either color or design. Wear it without any fear and with pride.


The Denim Look

As discussed before in this blog, from decades before and decades to come, denim attire with your distressed jacket should and must always be your go to attire. If you want to experiment more, a denim inner shirt with denim trousers and sneakers would do the trick. All in all, there are low chances that it will be a fashion disaster especially if your jacket stands out in a crowd easily.

Winter Accessories

With inner linings a major part of a genuine leather jacket, it is least likely that you will need winter accessories. However, they are needed on a chilly night and windy motorcycle drives. Therefore, a Burberry or straight brown scarf will go immaculately with your handmade genuine leather jacket. Moreover, smart leather gloves and a bright helmet (if on a bike) will give a look that will make you stand out in any group or setting.

Therefore, if you are a proud owner of a distressed leather jacket, you must not wear it for decades in a boring mono-tone fashion. Mix up the pot and come up with the above suggestions or more from your fashion sense. One thing is for sure that having a genuine leather jacket that too a vintage distressed one, is a privilege but not using it to its full potential is a probable crime. You may not be charged be for it but you will never get to see the full set of compliments a genuinely distressed leather jacket gets while you are in your complete prime. Happy Riding or walking or driving with your new leathery fashion statement.