7 Tips for Baby Hair Care and Appropriate Products to Use

Our infant may have been born with a full head of hair or with a substantially scant crop. No matter the case, we all need to consider the hair care products we will use on our babies. Hair grows and continues to grow for the rest of their life. Hence, regular hair care is required to keep their hair healthy and strong. Here are a few tips to help maintain the luscious locks of our babies.

#1 Shampoo Routine

I found that their sweaty and unclean scalp is one of the primary causes of fragile, thin hair. However, we do not need to shampoo their hair every day. Make it a habit to shampoo their hair and massage their scalp three times every week. We can use an all-in-one body wash or a mild baby shampoo.

#2 Oil Massaging

I found several studies that prove oil massage for the entire body, including the scalp, is beneficial. It improves blood circulation to the hair pores and aids in their sleep. Furthermore, it moisturises the scalp and prevents the creation of dandruff. Since their skins are delicate, I recommend using natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil to massage their scalp, even with mild hair care products available in the market.

#3 Hair Combing or Brushing

It is not ideal to depend on using baby hair products found in Singapore stores to keep their scalps healthy. Regularly combing their hair is also an excellent way to stimulate the pores in their scalps and promote proper sebum production. However, practice caution when combing their hair since their scalps are fragile. Do not comb more than a hundred times using a soft-bristled comb once or twice a day.

#4 Moisturise

Like how we will apply baby lotion to moisturise their skin everywhere else in their body, I found it a great practice to moisturise their scalps. Apply a moisturiser to keep the scalp nice, smooth, and moist. It helps to prevent dandruff due to dryness.

#5 Select the Appropriate Products

You cannot use what hair care products available on Singapore store shelves for your baby. The ingredients of these products can cause damage and stunt the natural growth of their hair since they might be harsh on their skin. Manufacturers formulate baby products with the sensitive skin of babies in mind.

#6 Long Hair Needs Extra Care

Exercise caution if you decide to let the hair of your baby grow. Baby hair must be cut, greased, and cleaned regularly with hair care products containing mild ingredients. Oil on their hair for an extended period will accumulate grime and dust. Also, avoid using tight hair bands or trimming their hair since they cannot verbalise any discomfort they may feel.

#7 Detangling Hair

It is a frequently challenging experience that newborns with long hair encounter. Using a baby-friendly conditioner to keep her hair untangled is a wise idea. Also, regularly comb their hair softly and without too much force.

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