7 Romantic Flowers That You Can Give as A Gift

yellow flowers in blue ceramic vase

Since long ago until now, flowers became one form of romance to conquer the hearts of women. Giving flowers to your partner is the most appropriate way to express affection to your partner. If it’s done, your partner’s heart will melt and love you even more. Many figures liken flowers to magic for women because women love flowers so much.

Flower arrangements are a popular gift to be used as one of the special gifts on various occasions. Flower arrangements are also usually used as gifts in various special moments such as valentine’s day celebrations, anniversaries, expressing feelings to someone, graduation and even birthday celebrations, and much more.

“Say it with flowers” is the best jargon of how flowers can represent our feelings towards the person receiving them. There are millions of flowers around the world, all of which have their meaning. 

However, not all flowers have meaning that shows lasting love and affection. Some flowers show other meanings. So that you do not get wrong in buying flowers, then you must know some rows of flowers that symbolize eternal love to the couple.

Lily Bouquet

yellow and blue flowers in blue glass vase

When you want to give something special in the form of flowers to the couple on Valentine’s day, then a lily bouquet can be one of the options. 

Lily bouquet has meaning as true loyalty and immortality, so it is suitable given to the couple so that your love is truly eternal until death separates. When giving lily bouquets, then indirectly ask the couple to be willing to go through the bittersweetness of home life together.

Lily is commonly used as a bouquet of brides in western countries. Simple shapes and available in a variety of colors make the lily more popular. Pink, blue, or white, a matching lily represents simplicity.

Pink lily bouquets mean prosperity and wealth. A bouquet of yellow lily symbolizes joyfulness, falseness, or lies. The bouquet of white lily shows sympathy, noble, sacred, purity, friendship, and devotion. Lily Orange’s bouquet shows pride, resentment, and insult. So don’t get the wrong lily bouquet!

The most popular type of lily bouquets is the white lily bouquet. Casablanca Lily or White Lily has a sacred meaning, sincerity, glory and is reborn as a better figure. It is usually used to reveal a new life. For special moments, such as valentine’s day or the white lily anniversary celebration, will be chosen. This signifies that someone sincerely loves him.

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Daisy Bouquet

of Daisy flower

Daisy or daisies have a simple shape but have a variety of colors. The name daisy is taken from the ancient English Daes Eag, which means eye of a day.

Red daisy has the meaning of quiet love, beauty, sincerity, and simplicity. The orange daisy has the meaning of joy, warmth, and spirit. But despite the variety of colors that this flower has, daisy has the meaning of purity, purity, tenderness, and purity.

Rose Hand Bouquet

red rose in bloom during daytime

Roses also have a variety of beautiful colors that we can enjoy. These colors have their meanings that you can choose to give to someone’s loved one. This flower is often the choice of hand bouquet at weddings. Usually, the bride and groom will choose roses for the bouquet of hands according to the color of the dress.

Red roses are the most common symbol of love. The symbol of the red rose symbolizes sweet, romantic, and humble love.

White roses have the meaning of purity of love, romantic, sympathy that is usually used at weddings or given to an atmosphere of mourning. White roses are often a hand bouquet. This is because brides often wear white dresses. She needs a white rose for a hand bouquet.

In addition to the bouquet of white roses, there is also a bouquet of beige and pink roses. Beige roses mean attention, gratitude, and appreciation. In comparison, pink roses are synonymous with tenderness, gratitude, and gratitude.

Peony Hand Bouquet

Peonies can grow in the Country with four seasons from May to July. The color possessed by peonies tends to be soft and smells nice.

Peonies are often used in wedding ceremonies in China as hand bouquets. Peonies are used as hand bouquets because they are believed to have the meaning of love, the happiness of prosperity, and bring good luck.

In addition, peonies that have white, beige, light purple, and pink colors have symbols of honor and personality.

Tulip Hand Bouquet

When it comes to expressing feelings of love, the color of the tulip chosen gives a different meaning. Red tulips symbolize eternal love, revealing the fact that love has no limits. In contrast, yellow tulips symbolize hopeless love, making it a bitter-sweet flower of love. The yellow tulip gift shows the recipient that the partner loves someone without logic even though that feeling may not be reciprocated. Tulips are also suitable for hand bouquets.

Chrysanthemum Hand Bouquet

Chrysanthemums are one of the gifts that can be given to couples as a sign of love on a special day. In addition to describing optimism and joy, chrysanthemums can also be a gift that symbolizes admiration and praise.  A compliment by chrysanthemums can mean many things, especially for couples who always accompany joy and sorrow. 

Chrysanthemums are often given white chrysanthemums with the shape of a hand bouquet. Its beautiful thin petals will surely make the couple happy and flattered given this flower.

Carnation Hand Bouquet

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in Indonesia because they can give the meaning of love to couples. Carnations are also favored by many people, let alone have beautiful and fragrant colors.

The carnation hand bouquet itself has many meanings depending on the color. Pink carnations represent love and admiration for the couple. White carnations represent purity and good luck. Deep red carnations represent a deep love for loved ones.

If you choose a bouquet of carnations as a gift, don’t choose yellow carnations. Why? Because yellow carnations symbolize disappointment.

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