4 Different Food Types You Can Cook With A Combi Oven In Singapore

One of the most common establishments people open is dine-in industries. It can be a coffee shop, restaurant, or bakery. For whatever purposes you plan to use it for, investing in the complete cafe equipment in Singaporeis more than necessary. One of the most common pieces you need is a combi oven.

Contact a bakery equipment supplier in Singaporetoday because here are some items you can cook in a combi oven!


With a combi oven in Singapore, you can skip the traditional meat roasting that takes forever to complete. A 3KG of chicken takes around 45 minutes to roast, saving your cooking time and leaving your customers more time to enjoy their dish.

#2: FISH

If you want to sustain the soft moisture, delicate flavour, and savoury belly of the fish, consider investing in a combi oven. Whether it is Unox oven in Singaporeor other brands, ensure to get your hands on a combi oven.


Instead of boiling your vegetables, washing them, and taking away their nutrients, you may want to cook them in the best way possible, through a combi oven in Singapore.


Like other oven types, a combi oven in Singaporecan also cook loaves of bread, pies, and other pastries. With this baking and cooking equipment, you can achieve a crispy finish on your goods without burning their edges.

A combi oven in Singaporeis one of the most favourite cookers of chefs these days and with a good reason. Its versatility and benefits can absolutely provide its customers with the best dishes and cuisines. A combi oven is the ultimate chef’s kiss!

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