10 Fashionable Religious Jewelry Ideas to Show Your Devotion


Fashion and religion are something that most people think don’t go well together. But on the contrary, the world of religion and its practice widely celebrates fashion. Especially towards wearing jewelry.

Wearing religious jewelry is a great way to express your faith every day. It’s also a source of strength and devotion for others, as jewelry could hold personal and sentimental meaning. While there can be some limitations about religious jewelry depending on your beliefs, one thing’s for sure: being fashionable is welcome in all religions.

So if you want to show your devotion and love through jewelry, then here are some religious jewelry ideas that mirror your faith and belief.

  1. Silver Pavé Pointed Star of David Pendant

The Star of David is a famous symbol that represents the history and faith of Jews.

Since the symbol is intricate in itself, a simple pavé of precious stones around it will keep it stylish without overshadowing its meaning. Pair the pendant with a simple silver necklace that you can wear as it is or have it layered with your other jewelry.

  1. Journey Prayer Bracelet

A Journey Prayer bracelet is the perfect universal religious jewelry to wear. This particular jewelry is not innate in one religion, rather it’s something that caters to everyone’s beliefs. If you’re looking for a religious gift to give but you’re unsure of their faith, then this might fit the brief.

This bracelet represents the daily life of prayer and faith. It has multiple strands representing the days in a week and each strand could be a prayer for yourself, for your family, for the safety of everyone, and for other concerns you want to pray for.

  1. Nail Cross Earrings

The symbol of the crucifix is not a new thing for religious jewelry. In fact, the t-shaped cross is one of the most used iconographies in jewelry making.

If you’re looking for something unique but still holds the same essence, then nails warped into a cross design rightly fit the brief. The nails represent the crucifixion while adding a more interesting look to your style. Having this design as earrings would give quite an impact on your jewelry aesthetics.

  1. Gold Menorah Charm Bracelet

The iconic candelabra makes for nice intricate jewelry to add to your collection.

A Menorah-inspired charm bracelet is something that is both chic yet understated if you’re Jewish and you want to wear a piece of religious jewelry without looking like you’re wearing one. For this theme, have seven gold charms depicting candlelight nuggets scattered around a simple gold bracelet. From there, you can build up on the theme by adding charms of similar nature or you can keep it minimal and stop there.

  1. The Four Qul Necklace

In the Muslim faith, the 4 Qul represents the four surahs. Having this emblem as a long necklace symbolizes you keeping your faith close to your heart. It also serves as a reminder of your internal strength and power.

So if you need something to remind you to keep going and rediscover your value as a person, this necklace is perfect as your daily charm. You can also give this to someone as a form of protection against evils. Not to mention the intricate design of the 4 Qul is an interesting addition to your jewelry collection.

  1. Verse Bracelet Cuffs

The power of affirmation and words of comfort is undeniable. That’s why it’s popular for many to wear such type of wholesale fashion jewelry inscribed with their favorite religious quotes. It’s also a nice minimal and understated way of wearing religious jewelry.

A bracelet cuff is a perfect medium for engraving verse quotes. You can choose to whether have the inscription on the outside of the cuff or have it inside where you can appreciate it privately. Whatever your option might be, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure that you pick a bracelet cuff that is thick enough to be engraved with the words still readable.

  1. Star and Moon Stackable Rings

The star and moon combination is meaningful in many religions. Generally, it symbolizes that there will always be light during darkness even if we don’t even see it for ourselves.

Keep this reminder close with star and moon stacked rings. It’s chic and elegant while staying true to its meaning. The design is also pretty versatile that you could combine it with other jewelry and still look sophisticated.

  1. Mother of Pearl Rosary Necklace

If you’re looking for jewelry that both looks amazing when worn and is still functional, then this mother of pearl rosary necklace might be your religious jewelry of choice.

Trade your usual pearl string necklace for a mother of pearl rosary necklace that looks unique and elegant with whatever outfit you choose to wear. At the same time, it could also be your rosary guide for the times that you need to pray for guidance.

  1. Shema Israel Earrings

Non-Jewish people would not even think that this is a piece of religious jewelry because of its unique design.

The Shema Israel earring is the perfect statement earrings piece. The design revolves around the original Hebrew script arranged into a circle. For other people, it’s an interesting intricate design but for you, it’s a symbol of your faith. This perhaps is one of the best examples of how fashion and religion intersect.

You can also opt for Shema Israel earrings that have a cubic zirconia border around them for a more dramatic flair. Not only that it is aesthetic, but it could also show that your faith would never waver and lose sparkle.

  1. Evil Eye Choker

The amulet of the evil eye is commonly mistaken as a symbol of actual evil, but the truth is quite the opposite.

In fact, it’s meant to stop evil from harming you. Since the evil eye doesn’t blink or sleep, it will always protect you from whatever harm might come your way. Now that you have a 24/7 protector and at the same time look fashionable from it —there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t wear this jewelry at all.