10 Elegant Types of Kurtis You Need to Ace Your Everyday Look

Kurtis for women is one of the most versatile garments because they can be worn anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of the occasion. Be it traditional, modern or even indo-western, kurtis for women suit women of every age and body type. The best part about wearing kurtis for women is that they can be styled in multiple ways, like different bottoms such as jeans, shorts, leggings, jeggings, dhoti pants, patialas and even shararas.

You can take your styling to different levels by wearing your kurti with a dupatta or even going sans. Accessorising your look will give you a chic vibe, which is why kurtis are the best garment you can’t get enough of. 

With this guide, you can explore the different types of kurtis for women that are available these days. Check out the different styles and try to grab them all so you can keep up with your style. 

  1. Tail kurti: These kurtis stand true to their name because they are shorter from the front and longer from the behind, making them look like a tail. If you want to highlight your toned midriff, wear this kurtis featuring a cropped front with jeans or leggings.
  2. A-line kurtis: If you want to add a bit of a flare to your look, A-line kurtis are the best because while they are body hugging from the top, they flare from the waist down. These kurtis are ideally paired with jeans, leggings or cigarette pants.
  3. Dhoti style kurtis: If you want to wear something traditional with a modern touch, this kurtis should be your pick. The gathers around the bottom of this kurtis give them a dhoti effect. To highlight the unique look of this kurtis, it is best to go with sans leggings. 
  4. Angrakha kurti: If you’re an old school at heart, reflect the vibe in your dressing with angrakha kurtis. Worn in ancient times by royal court musicians, this kurtis with floral prints on it will look regal when paired with leggings. 
  5. Indo-western kurtis: When you want the best of both worlds, indo-western kurtis should be your pick. You can opt for the ones with a unique neckline or bell sleeves to set you apart from the crowd. Some of these can even be paired with an ethnic jacket.
  6. Colour block kurtis: If you want to take your traditional style to boardroom meetings, add a modern touch with colour block kurtis that you can wear as a dress with statement accessories.
  7. Floor-length kurtis: If you think it’s too hot to wear leggings or jeans with your kurti, opt for floor-length kurtis, which mimic the gowns so that you can go sans bottoms. 
  8. Shirt kurti: Shirt kurtis are an excellent example of modern meets traditional. This button-down kurtis in funky prints can be worn on casual days out with leggings or jeans.
  9. Kaftan kurti: If sophistication is your vibe, kaftan kurtis are a must-have in your wardrobe. These kurtis are no longer restricted to pregnant women and can be worn with or without leggings.
  10. Cape kurtis: Women are superheroes, and every superhero wears a cape. Give your traditional style a superhero twist with this modern kurti.

These are the 10 unique kurtis you must have in your wardrobe.